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Brand new 6-page Huck preview plus interview! Millarworld's latest!


Your new favourite book is coming in NOVEMBER. Enjoy!!!



Well, until they find out what’s up your sleeve after this. :wink:

I really love what I’ve seen of the book so far and can’t wait to see how others react to it. I think it has huge potential. I was most intrigued by this line.

You’re also known for doing self-contained stories and if the opportunity arises, you will do a spin-off. Is that the same plan with Huck, or do you have a magnum opus ready for this one?

Mark: I’ve got eighteen issues worked out. I think it can actually run and run. I’ve certainly got eighteen worked out, and Rafa and I are committed to doing three, six issue stories. But I don’t want to interfere with Rafa’s schedule on American Vampire. Although, Rafa’s probably the fastest artist I’ve ever worked with. He can handle it no problem.

I know we kind of get that with the multi-volume series like Kick-Ass and the Jupiter books but I would kind of like to see an ongoing Millarworld title.


I just had a look at the preview. Looks really good. I think I’ll have to make space in my pull list for it…


Millar’s on fire. Starlight, Jupiter’s Legacy, and Circle are his best works. Leagues beyond his earlier work. More maturity and restraint. Excited for Huck. I have a feeling it’s gonna be an iconic character especially if there’s gonna be a movie.


He really does just keep getting better.


Great interview!

"A character with no dark side is fascinating to me, because the minute I put them in the real world…that’s when it gets interesting: The guy who no matter what, will always do the right thing to do.
Fundamentally, it’s the most old fashioned idea of what a superhero is."
This has me really intrigued, I can’t wait to get into this.


I was on the fence about this. Despite all the nice things people have said about it, I couldn’t see what the hook was for me.

Until I read this interview. Or specifically, just Mark’s answer to the first question.

Now I’m hooked :smile:


Uh oh. I hope this thread doesn’t descend into a you-know-who of you-know-what ruckus!


I have no idea what you’re talking about :angel:


I actually genuinely don’t know !!!



There’s been a long running thread on here (and the old board) which you’ve hit on with this line: The minute you see Superman snapping someone’s neck, that’s when you’ve gone so far away from that core idea of what a superhero is, you know?.


I’d suggest that Huck is maybe the most original comic story in years. The first issue should be a phenomena. I haven’t ever read anything this pure.


It is really great stuff. I can’t wait to read more.


All joking about neck-snapping aside, I’ve waited a long time for somebody to write serious stories about superheroes behaving how superheroes are supposed to behave.

Ironic that it’s the man who has a reputation for grim, stories full of profanity and over-the-top
violence who is doing it.


It’s odd that Mark continues to carry that moniker in some crowds when he is now writing some of the most bright and hopeful stuff out there. It goes to a whole new level (at least from what I’ve seen) with this.


It’s funny because 90% of what I’ve done since starting at Marvel is PG (we couldn’t even say Hell and Damn in Ultimates I think), but I guess you just hit a much wider audience with the movies and even though Kingsman and Wanted just 12 issues between them they made a big, violent cultural impact. Kick-Ass too. More people know this than 1985 or Starlight or Ultimates or Superman or Chrononauts.

Well, so far :smile:

I’ve always liked doing both. They’re both great fun, but this is def a period where I’m interested in doing vast, sweeping heroism. It’s what I’m into as a reader and a viewer at the moment too.



Me too.

This feels like a breath of fresh air.

Check out Greg Pak’s current Action Comics, it’s Superman done right IMO.

I hope this becomes an ongoing, Huck really has the potential to be your most iconic character. This could be something adults, teens, and even kids could enjoy and love.