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Brag Your Sketch + Dedi + more Topic

I really REALLY love seeing art (sketches or commissions or as Euro-folks say “dedi” or “dedicase”) that folks got in recently and not sure if there is a topic already but… let us brag about our new gifts, or commissions or freebies, or… anything artsy will be fine.

If yuo commissioned the Grand Canyon, then go for it.
If you commissioned Spider-Gwen, please show it here.

I have some 250 pieces mostly in my favorite theme (sexy mummy… hence my Sisterhood comic, but do not want to use this thread as my personal promo-topic :blush: ) and got folks like Ryp and Capullo and Gibbons and Adlard and Linsner and Cho and many many more… but will start with this one from Ferran Rodriguez Sanchez

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