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Kids are in school still. Black Panther came out on a holiday weekend, and the Force Awakens came out during the Winter school holiday. IW is definitely front loaded, but kiddies being stuck in school is definitely a factor in Monday box office.



Yeah, it’s hard to compare them when Star Wars was out during Winter break and BP opened on a holiday weekend. BP dropped down to $20 million on it’s first Tuesday.

I still don’t think IW will have the legs that BP did and definitely won’t get anywhere near the insane numbers Force Awakens did, but it’s still tough to say just how front loaded IW is going to be. But, for some perspective, the first Avengers movie saw a 67% decrease from Sunday to Monday and IW saw a 64% decrease. Since they opened around the same time of year that’s probably the best comparison we have so far. Avengers ended up dropping 50% in it’s second weekend. If IW somehow manages that, it would be very impressive. But right now I don’t think we have enough data to really predict it unless you want to look at the average multipliers of previous Marvel Studio films that opened at the beginning of May and try to extrapolate something from that.


Yeah, it’s a tough one to call. I think it’ll realistically finish around 600, give or take 15 million, when all is said and done.

So. Who wants to speculate about A4? I’m saying a trillion dollars, WW.


IS front-loading so bad? Is Marvel going to say “aw, IW made a $1B, but 750 mil came in the first week, what a disappointment!” Also if you read that article, it says the IW beat BP on Tuesday, so is Mon the blip or Tues?


It’s not bad at all, this film will make a shitload of money, I think people are just using it as a measure to see the end number. Avatar actually had a rather bland first week but just ran and ran.


Definitely a film that folks wanted to see as soon as possible, because SpoilerWorld. Still, many have seen it several times, and I’m waiting on it opening in a couple of big markets.


More milestones have fallen with Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War crossing $800M globally on Tuesday. The total through yesterday is now $808.4M. What’s more, the heroes pounced past $500M at the international box office with $502.5M to date.

Something else to keep in mind is that there really isn’t any competition this weekend.


Titanic too, which is why it’s multiplier ended up at 21 and has never been topped.


That’s because Infinity War was supposed to come out and everything had moved out of its way.


I mean, that kind of front loading would probably be a pretty big disappointment. :rofl:

I don’t think either is a blip, it was just that BP had a holiday Monday in the US.

Or the following weekend. Nothing until Deadpool 2. By which point IW should be well over $500 million domestic anyway unless there’s a massive drop off these next two weekends. But forecasting seems to still expect another $100 million plus weekend this weekend.


Man, if everything holds, we may see a top 10 with Infinity War, Black Panther, and Deadpool 2.



Gotta admit, that kind of surprises me. But I guess it’s never worth underestimating the brand power of Star Wars and the Star Wars fandom in general. Of course, if it isn’t good then it’ll probably be very front loaded.



Deadline needs to list themselves as pornography considering how hard the fellate the Mouse. The make Russia Today look modest.




Deadline is owned by Penske Media Corporation. Their COO is George Grobar. George worked for Disney as their Senior VP of Disney Mobile before joining Penske. This company also owns Variety, Movieline and bunch of other internet entertainment reporting companies. They’re a mouthpiece for Disney. Pump out a story that talks up a future Disney have a big opening and get internet readers interested in going to see what all the fuss is. It’s all marketing.


I’d be extremely surprised if Solo does that well. None of the trailers do anything for me, and each ends with that horrible little blast of the theme which sounds like it’s played on a 1980’s Casiotone. It just needs the “plink diddle plink plink… plink plink dink” drum sound.


It looks like they’re projecting a 55% drop from week 1 to week 2 for Infinity War. If that is the case then it should hit all of the upper ends of predictions and perhaps make $2 billion after all.