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That is brilliant!


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I don’t think it’ll have that 2.8 multiplier. Things like Deadpool, Incredibles, and Jurassic World are going to get in the way and make that quite difficult. BP basically had the box office to itself for nearly 2 months.


This is after a mindblowing Sunday of $69.2M. All in with an overseas debut of $382.7M (second best-ever), Infinity War stands with an all-time record global opening of $640.9M (previous high was Universal’s Fate of the Furious at $541.9M). As the 19th release, Infinity War sends the entire MCU universe to $15.4 billion. It’s been the most lucrative franchise ever at the box office for some time, outstripping Star Wars $8.8B worldwide ticket sales.


I thought he was called BB-8.


That’s his slave name.


His chosen name is Great Sphere of Death.


Actually, he’s just … the ball boy.



And look what happened to your milk!!! :angry:


I received free school milk when Jim Callaghan was PM after Thatcher apparently removed it, a quick Google says kids in Wales get it now up until the age of 7 (but there are fears it will be axed due to Brexit as the subsidy comes from the EU).

So there you go it’s the prefect analogy, doom predicted since the 1970s but still going. :smile:


Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War has blasted past the $700M global mark with $725.5M through Monday. We can expect milestones to continue to fall throughout this week: $800M should hit with today’s numbers added, and $1B worldwide is coming this weekend — possibly through Friday which would be 10 days in release. Anything under 12 days to $1B would see Infinity War become the fastest movie to the benchmark, taking a light saber to Star Wars: The Force Awakens which currently holds the record.



The May Day holiday is actually a big thing because it is the most widespread around the world. It’s designated ‘Labour Day’ in dozens of countries and as a non-religious one (well there are pagan origins but not hugely relevant for most) covers more countries than any other.


They’re forecasting rain and maybe snow in the UK on the May bank holiday, so I predict IW will see just as much traffic as it did on its opening weekend.


If it snows, it might see less traffic.

Because of the traffic.


I’m assuming “let’s cancel our trip and send the kids to the cinema instead” levels of snow, not “help, trapped in house and food running low” levels of snow.


Infinity War took in $24 million on Monday. Force Awakens took in $40 million, as did Black Panther. It’s now behind TFA in total domestic gross which suggests it is somewhat front loaded.