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I heard “This Is Me” for the first time two days ago. I want to see the movie now.


Netflix Might Buy Luc Besson’s EuropaCorp, the Company Behind ‘Taken’ and ‘Valerian’

With the Disney/Fox acquisition awaiting approval in Hollywood, it feels as if the studios are strengthening their troops in preparation for war. And the battle won’t be contained only to the remaining major studios – Disney has its own streaming service coming next year, so the competition is about to become a lot tougher for companies like Netflix.


A French site called Capital (via The Playlist) reports that Netflix is in “advanced talks” to acquire EuropaCorp, one of Europe’s biggest independent movie studios that was founded by French filmmaker Luc Besson. Nothing has been signed yet, but if the deal goes through, Besson would stay on as the major creative force behind EuropaCorp. If all goes according to plan, everything will be finalized by sometime this summer.


Acquiring EuropaCorp would be a smart move for Netflix because in addition to owning whatever new content they produce, the streamer would also gain access to the French company’s film library. Anything that could increase Netflix’s value in the eyes of their subscribers probably looks pretty good right about now, and the promise of a few new high concept Luc Besson films might be enough to get them to sign on the dotted line.


I’m really loving the streaming wars. It feels like this most interesting thing to happen to media in 20+ years.


Black Panther continues its climb up the box office charts. The Disney/Marvel superhero film has officially now crossed two big box office milestones: Domestically, with a box office tally of $652.5M, it officially surpassed Jurassic World ($652.3M) to become the No. 4 movie of all-time. And, globally it passed Frozen’s $1,276.5M to step into the Top Ten movies of all time. It has grossed $1.279.2M to date. And with $626.7M under its belt internationally, it is also the highest grossing superhero film that features a solo superhero.


Wow… there is no way in the world I would have believed this was possible last year.


I don’t think anyone could have predicted this level of success.



According to a MoviePass insider today they claim that the kibosh on AMC wasn’t so much of a ban, rather a test of their consumer ticket-buying habits. Essentially, by turning off the spigot, MoviePass got to see how that impacted moviegoer traffic to other competitors and claims that they saw a spike in overall business of 23% in the four days following the AMC block.



Only 220?
It’s game over. :wink:


My kids were in the shop the other day and Kit-Kat had a free water tumbler offer. 4 Marvel designs. My two only wanted Black Panther, after 5 minutes of arguing they should have different ones I gave in and left with 2 the same.

Hulk, Iron Man and Spider-Man, unloved so quickly. :smile:


The odd thing is, I thought Black Panther was a fairly good movie, but I really wouldn’t have pegged it for a 1.3 billion dollar movie. I’d have expected maybe half that? I’ve only seen it once, so maybe it’s a repeat viewing thing? Don’t get me wrong, it’s probably in my top ten Marvel movies, but the numbers do surprise me.


I’d suggest that it’s because it’s one of the few non-genre movies that’s been capable of drawing a lot of attention to itself recently. Genre stuff has obviously been a huge draw, but this era is an aberration as to the scope of its draw. People are hungry for something different. Greatest Showman is the studios finding something of comparable cinematic scope, something they were willing to put some money behind.



How is it not ‘genre’? I find your analysis of films strangely leftfield.

There’s normally some rationalisation away from whether it is good or not. I think they wanted Black Panther tumblers because it is the latest one and is very entertaining. 7 and 9 year old kids aren’t really looking much beyond being entertained.


Yeah, the marketing really sticks with kids, they’re always aware of the latest movies and who the new characters are.

(Partly it’s the repetition aspect, when these movies are out the kids’ channels are targeted with tv ads on constant rotation.)



Meanwhile, at Disney’s ‘Avatar’ park…

They’re really banking on this being popular.


Genre as in superhero movies, sci-fi movies, action movies. That’s “genre” to me. What’s become typical blockbuster material. Greatest Showman, meanwhile, is a drama. A blockbuster version of a drama.


Fair enough I think I was confusing my last post about Black Panther with a previous one about the Greatest Showman. So my fault it didn’t make sense.


I think Greatest Showman is more in the musical genre which is one of Hollywood’s oldest.

Drama has always been vague. A drama could be a thriller or even science fiction. Hulu’s HANDMAID’S TALE or Prime’s MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE are more like drama’s than science fiction series, while Cameron’s TITANIC is more of an action disaster movie even though it is essentially about a true life drama.