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Detective Pikachu!

There’s a Five Nights at Freddies movie coming too.


That might be an interesting direction. Of all the video game movies, I think Silent Hill was the only one I really liked. It felt more like an original horror movie than a game. Which may be because the source material was more horror mystery than action.

Five Nights at Freddie’s isn’t straight horror or even straight horror-comedy, but it has a lot of fun, unusual elements that could support a good, somewhat original adaptation.


How incredible is Black Panther doing? It could overtake the Last Jedi…that is amazing.


Of course Detective Pikachu! That’s going to be the strangest thing. I still kinda wish they had cast Danny Devito though.


That’s largely down to a lack of competition, but it’s still impressive.


I’ve heard it used since I was a kid.

But I have been doing my best to get “bugger,” “sod,” and the two-finger flip-off to catch on over here since I started reading Garth Ennis books, but have had little luck. :frowning:


Nice that the Irish can continue to contribute to American culture.


Arseface doesn’t roll off the American tongue either.


Are we still doing “phrasing”?



Variety notes that “I Can Only Imagine” “crushed” early box office forecasts with its surprisingly strong opening at 1,629 North American locations. Opening-weekend estimates had been in the $2 million to $8 million range.

The musical drama ranked third at the domestic box office behind the opening of the reboot of “Tomb Raider,” starring Oscar winner Alicia Vikander, in the No. 2 slot with $23.5 million from 3,854 sites, and Disney-Marvel’s pop-culture juggernaut “Black Panther,” which scored a rare fifth consecutive weekend at No. 1 with $27 million from 3,834 locations. The second weekend for Disney’s book adaptation “A Wrinkle in Time” came in fourth with $16.6 million at 3,980 locations.

There is a huge audience for these movies, but very little in the way of media attention or critics who understand this particular kind of film (it’s too big to even call a “genre”).


So the story is; China’s not really very racist and will welcome stories featuring characters of varied ethnic backgrounds!



That’s a pretty significant range, boxofficemojo is saying it actually made $17 million.

I’m not sure there’s a huge audience for these films, usually because they tend to be terrible, but there’s definitely an audience for faith films. However, whenever they’ve tried to step into mainstream circulation they’ve always flopped hard. Faith films tend to make a tidy profit usually because they relay on church business and have relatively small advertising budgets.


Yes exactly. I’m with you on this one. Whatever the number it’s very good for a low budget flick but two dozen horror films or indie comedies do the same thing every year.


Yeah the church bulletin board and churches bringing vanloads of viewers is their bread and butter. And then DVD sales to the home-school crowd. There is no need for mainstream attention and it wouldn’t even drive sales if they got it. Having seen a few they are really quite terrible and frequently weirdly racist.


The sixth three-day for the Ryan Coogler-directed movie dips 36% and heads for a total by Sunday of $631.2M, besting the highest grossing title of 2017, Star Wars: The Last Jedi which finaled at $619.8M. But that’s not all: Black Panther by Sunday will be the highest grossing Marvel movie stateside, outstripping Avengers $623M.

That is nothing short of astonishing.

How much will Infinity War make at the Box Office?

I’m just waiting for WB’s reactionnary news that the Cyborg movie is begining production tomorrow :smile:

Too bad they completely obliterated all the character-building stuff with Cyborg that Snyder shot… u_u


Cyborg already has a movie coming out.


3 months after release The Greatest Showman is still in the top 5 box office in the UK. This film is not behaving normally, my 9 year old daughter came home and said it’s the must-watch film for all her friends.

After opening with £2.58m, The Greatest Showman took more than £1m on 12 consecutive weekends, an almost unheard-of feat. Twelve weeks after its opening weekend, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, by far the biggest release of December, took just £763, largely because it had pretty much left cinemas. We have to wind back two decades to find films with such staying power; in 1997, Titanic took at least £1m for 12 weeks, while The Full Monty achieved that for an unmatched 13 weeks. Only last weekend did The Greatest Showman dip below the £1m mark. Fox is now promoting its digital release next month; the DVD follows in May.


Just saw Ready Player One and you know what, it’s bloody good fun.

I mean turn your brain off but visually its pretty impressive. There’s a hell of a lot going on up on the screen and we both almost fell out of our chairs in a couple of places and we didn’t even view it in 3D!

Look a few gaping plot holes and a couple of silly moments but if you just want a fun escape its good stuff.