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No idea. Anyone here watch it?


Maybe in the UK and US, but in 200 other countries, it’s just the video service. No free delivery, no offers, just the TV shows.


Actually it’s more complicated than that. The streaming/delivery combinations vary from country to country.

Amazon only has 15 regional versions (I think?) and 10 of those offer something called Prime, but you can join from outside those and still get some of the TV service (even if you have to use a proxy in some places) for a standalone price.

The future will no doubt see as much cross promotion and streamlining as regional laws and market trends allow, but it’s a developing process.


Yeah, last I looked Amazon operates as a retailer only in 12 countries (could be 15 by now). Malaysia isn’t one of those but Prime is offered as a video streaming only service for $5.99 a month (unlike Netflix they haven’t bothered to convert prices to local currency).

Like Netflix it’s fully available in nearly every country without any need for proxies. They don’t do much actually to prevent overseas access anyway (Netflix and BBC try a lot of blocking techniques based on IP to keep you in your country’s iteration), when I was last in the UK I signed up for the Prime free month as I wanted to order some gifts, when I got back to Malaysia it worked perfectly on my UK account with no hiding of my IP. It’s the same approach for Kindle which officially isn’t available here but I just use a UK account and card and it’s fine.


I would imagine the TV service is an advance for when Amazon moves in as a retailer. The average prime customer spend $1300 per year, whereas non prime customers spend $700 per yer. So not only are you getting $100 a year in membership costs, you’re doubling your sales. It’s a pretty nice business model, and means that Amazon TV should be able to run at a loss (that never stopped Amazon before anyway)


Is there a bit of chicken and egg there though? The more you’d spend on Amazon the more sensible it is to subscribe to Prime and save on the shipping.

It’s probably a bit of both though I’d imagine, I must admit when I trialled Prime that time in the UK I was tempted to use it more because of the fast shipping so they probably did get some more cash from than otherwise.


Retailers see it a bit differently. Loyalty programs are built to hook you in to buying more. That’s why they’re pushed so heavily.


I’m aware of that, just questioning that Prime automatically makes you spend double because Prime members typically spend double.

Think of something like ‘travel’ credit cards tailored to pay out extra airmiles. Could they tempt you to fly more to get the next bonus? Absolutely. Are people who fly a lot anyway going to apply specifically for that card? Absolutely. So somewhere in the middle is the extra it brings to the airlines.


They’re built with the company taking an overall reduced profit margin at some point. So there has to be enough data to say that the increase in overall sales is enough to cover the loss in margin once the customer has used the service enough to cover the cost of their membership. Companies are not going to take that risk unless it has pay off.

While I was at B&N, they went hard on their Membership Card. It went from the Reader’s Advantage Card that we just might mention to customers when we felt like it to a requirement to offer with every transaction that was policed by a secret shop even in the cafe. The interview process went from asking people what books they liked to how well they could sell the membership program.

Those shifts aren’t made to attract the converted. They’re made to attract those who are on the edge and to get the converted to spend even more.


I would add that other than that slight quibble I agree with everything else Jim says and it is a great model. Amazon are very good at that aspect.

Sure as I said in the examples I wasn’t questioning they get extra revenue, my example is they did from me, just that an element of that double is that customers who already use Amazon a lot would be rather dim not to sign up to Prime straight away so it’s not likely to be one for one benefit.


Damn, it just keeps going on!


There is some essential viewing on Prime: Preacher and Ash vs. Evil Dead, mainly. And they have some good movies now and then that I won’t get on Netflix - currently, I have to remember to watch Swiss Army Man, Hell or High Water, and and Cloud Atlas. Overall, it’s worth having for me, even if I use it less than Netflix.

Recently watched the season of Jean Claude van Johnson, and it was silly, but fun.


Oh, you have been spending time in the UK.


It’s hard to know what is intrinsically American and what I’ve picked up elsewhere (mostly here) anymore but I’m pretty sure piss poor is one I’ve used for some time and have heard my dad use.


Piss poor is widely used in the US.


Fair enough. I can’t help but “hear” it in a non-USA accent.



Videogame movies just don’t seem to be able to find the right groove. I can’t really understand why though.

Maybe RAMPAGE will be an exception.


We’ve talked before about the way the stories are often by nature quite derivative - so don’t necessarily make for the most standout idea for a movie - and I still think that’s a factor. For example, a lot of Tomb Raider reviews have made unfavourable comparisons with Indiana Jones, which makes sense considering that the original games drew on movies like that for inspiration.

But by adapting that back into a movie, you end up with a copy of a copy, which is going to feel weak if you don’t add in anything fresh and new.

And for those games with less directly derivative storylines, you often have plots and characters that are too thin and shallow to support a full film (see movies like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter).

I don’t think it makes it inevitable that videogame movies will be bad, though. I could see a movie adaptation of something like The Last Of Us working (although as I understand it, that particular project is dead at the moment).

What are the other big videogame adaptations in the works at the moment? I know the Uncharted movie seems to be perpetually on the verge of production, and there was that recent story about a Sonic movie being on the way. What else is on the horizon?


An animated Mario movie.
I can’t think of any others right now.