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Honestly, when has a dark dour movie about anything ever captured enough of an audience to justify a $150 mil+ budget? Batman vs Superman, maybe?

I think it makes BLADE RUNNER 2049 ($200 mil+) look like an even bigger risk.


Spectre cost $245M.


Nolan Batman films justified it too


I don’t know about that. RDJ/Tony Stark was in a supporting role, and that was clear from the marketing, too (even though they did play it up).

The dropoff will certainly be worrying for Marvel. It’s unusual for a movie that pretty much everybody liked (not talking about here, but about the reviews) and that is accessible to all ages. Bit of a cold shower after its big start.

I hope it still does well overall. I’d like to see another movie in the same vein - bigger, yes, but with this movie’s charm.


It’s worth noting that the drop-off came after an opening weekend that massively outperformed expectations. So these things have to be kept in perspective.


Sony paid him $50 million for that supporting role. That’s what he’s paid for every movie now. Think he was worth it?

I’m sure Sony are delighted to have a hit Spidey movie, one that people love. But the box office performance is right in line with other Spidey movies. Almost perfectly in line. Was the Marvel deal worth it, was RDJ worth it, or would Spidey have done just as well regardless of what plans they’d made? That’ll be their questions this week.


I thought he got paid $15 million for Homecoming, in a report that said it was only three days of work. I don’t know how accurate it is though (and I can’t remember where I read it).


I had no idea that the budget for Blade Runner was so high. Awesome!
I’m glad that everyone is really putting the effort in on the production side of that movie. It’s my most anticipated of the year by a long way.


That’s the figure cited in this Deadline report. It says US$5m per day for three days of work.

The US$50m figure is the one that has been banded about for his full-length appearances in the likes of Civil War, I think.

Nice work if you can get it, either way.


He’s getting $100 million for each of the Infinity movies.

From my talks with Millar the reported salaries are rarely accurate but it’s probably best for me to not share anymore on the forum. Regardless I don’t know if the RDJ appearance really made much of a difference to Spidey’s box office.


$200 mil is rumored at present, but I’m thinking it will likely be close to that. Certainly, it will be the most expensive R-Rated production this century so far.


Well, clearly when word of mouth got around that there was no Uncle Ben in the movie that instantly killed interest in it.


I don’t know if it affected the box office one way or the other. It could only have helped. Personally I think his involvement muddled the story a bit much. It would have been more streamlined without him, and they still could have kept Happy, who they gave all the best lines to anyway. Maybe others felt the same.

It’s entirely possible a big dropoff from week 1 to week 2 was because people were misled about the degree of RDJ’s involvement, too. Once word got out that he wasn’t in it as much as the marketing made it seem, that could have hurt second week business.

Remember this is what one of the posters looked like:


Huh. I hadn’t thought of that, but yeah, that’d be one possible reason. Huh.


@Lorcan_Nagle, we finally have learned where Hank Scorpio ended up:

With parent company Fandango, Rotten Tomatoes recently moved from West L.A. into a modern office space in Beverly Hills with open work areas, snacks and a spot for yoga and indoor hammocks.


I have been thinking about this and it’s occurred to me that maybe Sony aren’t strictly worried about profit on this as much as much as opening up the franchise for themselves. They already know that people are suffering Spider-Man fatigue - Hence 150 million in promotion to separate this Spidey from those before. RDJ integrated this Spidey into the MCU, his paycheck won’t be needed again. This is very much a franchise set-up movie, like the first Iron-Man, and coming off the back of two other Spidey films in the last few years they had to know it would be tough to make it an integral watch, even with Downey Jnr in it. In fact, the same goes for all MCU films, each solo hero sequel makes more money than the one before because the audience become invested as opposed to making less each time which is how it usually goes down for Sony, especially in terms of Spider-Man.

What I’m saying is, is there a chance that maybe the real test for Sony is the next Spider-Man movie? If the BO of that film sees a gain moving on from this one, I’m pretty sure they will be very happy as it will be following the same trend as other MCU movies as opposed to the declining scale of their own attempts. Sony are being taught how to franchise properly and that, to them, is bound to mean far more to them than the BO of this one movie. Every time I see Amy Pascal speak about all this I can’t help but think Sony are looking over Feige’s shoulder, sneakily learning how to net a billion a year.

Here’s an interview with them both that has the dynamic of a high school comedy where the school’s self-absorbed, rich, popular girl is getting the school geek and all round good guy to help her win student body president when it’s clear he should really be president all along…


To be fair, Feige did the same thing with his team. Then, ditched them.


It’s a Marvel tradition. :wink:


I don’t think the sequels will see a gain. This movie had as much goodwill, heat and positive reviews as you could ask for. I see no reason why the sequel would do that much better. Like with Guardians 2, there should have been a much bigger market for the second movie but it just wasn’t there.


Although I still think the USD exchange rate is playing a decent role in some of these flat results. It’s soared against a lot of currencies in the last 2 years, by 20% in some cases. It would be nice if all countries recorded a ‘bums on seats’ figure as well like the BFI do.