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I guess it depends what it’s spoiling. Some of the speculation is that it could be Secret Invasion and tie in with the Skrulls in Captain Marvel, but I doubt it would be possible to conceal the title until that close to release (Captain Marvel isn’t out until March 2019).

Seems likely to me though that the spoiler is for something that happens in Infinity War, in which case I wouldn’t be surprised if the end titles announce it.


Or it mentions the Fox properties.


Not sure if this is 100% serious, but it seems a bit unlikely that they would have planned for the second part of Infinity War to be reliant on a deal with Fox. It’s going to be a while before that goes through anyway, isn’t it?


Here’s the secret origin of Black Panther’s massive success: it was culturally relevant, and it felt like an event. You have either of those, you have a hit. You have both and you have a massive hit. No further analysis needed.

The huge difference between this and, say, Justice League is that Justice League didn’t feel like either of those, and was certainly not talked about like them. The other major bonus is positive buzz itself. In these blockbusters it really does pay, in this day and age, to have a positive critical consensus. These Avengers movies have consistently delivered what critics want to see from superhero movies. Wonder Woman did that, too, obviously. At this point you don’t need a grand conspiracy about it; critics like what critics like, and like it or not, they will always have certain expectations for certain genres. Not a single one of these has ever been nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. When Dark Knight missed the cut, it resulted in a revolution in how the nominations were listed. Black Panther admittedly looks like the next superhero movie with at least a shot at a nomination, but that remains the most intriguing bit of speculation for 2019. Here in 2018 we can look at the history and make an educated guess and suspect that won’t happen, because the Oscars don’t generally like genre movies, no matter their level of acclaim. Worth considering, in the grand scheme.


Black Panther getting a Best Picture nom would be pretty ridiculous, like those who said that Wonder Woman should have had one. It wasn’t even the best superhero movie of the year, never mind one of the ten best movies.



Although it was the best Superhero movie of the year. Black Panther I mean.


Definitely an Oscar for Best Costume though.


Then it can be held in the same regard as Academy Award winning Suicide Squad for all time.


Do you mean this as a joke since it’s only February and no other superhero movies have come out?


It was partly kidding but we don’t know where the transition is, and they may want to be placeholding a title pending where it progresses.

I’m sure we’d all agree there is a not-zero chance they are ending Infinity with Thanos snapping his fingers and it’s possible the next title reflects the repercussions of that, too.


Only half a joke.
I like Ant-Man, and I’m excited for the sequel, but this really hit a well contained spot for me. Very self contained and in order. I doubt anything can top it this year.

Not that it’s amazing, but just this year.


I think the place for a Reed shoutout is the end credits scene of Infinity War 2. They’re going to have to announce their future lineup soon though. Maybe we’ll learn more this summer.


I would not be surprised at all to see something Fantastic in Infinity War. This year’s. Even if it’s post-credits.


The mergers not even finalized yet. It’s a year away.


I doubt it’s anything to do with Fox. Simply because working closely together in advance of a takeover or merger deal is potentially illegal. It’s possible they could have been collaborating anyway (they do on the TV shows together) but the sale of Fox to Disney actually makes it less likely at this moment rather than more.

The example I gave was ‘Star Trek: The Search for Spock’ and it got a nod.


Yeah, it seems likely doesn’t it.

The only thing that makes me wonder if this won’t be the case is that the marketing has increasingly moved away from promoting Avengers 3 and 4 as two halves of a single story. They’ve gone from being Infinity War Part One and Infinity War Part Two to being Infinity War and a second movie that is sufficiently different that even the title is a spoiler for what it’s about.

It seems to reflect a trend in the last few years away from big movies that are explicitly promoted as multi-part stories (as we saw with the likes of Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games etc.).

But given the production of Avengers 3 and 4, I still expect the stories to be fairly closely related. And it feels like wrapping up Thanos in a single movie and moving onto something else for Avengers 4 is unlikely - these are going to be the climax of the MCU so far, so it seems to make sense to use A3 to build him up to be as huge a threat as possible, and then use A4 to resolve everything.



Black Panther is now over $700 million worldwide. A billion has to be a lock since it’s on pace for about another $250 million domestically. Just crazy numbers from BP. But that’s cool because everyone involved deserves to be bigger stars than they were going into this. Great director, great cast, awesome to see them all get this kind of success.


After Avengers and Dark Knight I’d thought a billion per superhero movie would be the norm. I’ve been surprised that wasn’t the case, and that Avengers is still #1 after all this time.

I’d be nice if Black Panther, Wonder Woman and Ragranok were a sign that around a billion a movie would become commonplace. These movies deserve that kind of success.