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I’d say Wakanda is more of an idealistic or utopic Africa… 'cause it’s not very realistic… at all :smile:


But it’s a utopian ideal of an Africa that was never victimized by slavery or colonization

Like “this is what it ‘should’ be.”


Most of the planet has been victimized by slavery or colonization.




Africa on an exponentially different (and continuing) level.


Yeah that’s my point… that’s not “how it would be”… I mean, Wakanda’s been always closed to the exterior… a civilization like that can’t just develop in a vacuum… without commerce, civilizations fail. That’s what I mean that it’s not “realistic”. But eh… whatevs =P


If it makes $120 million this weekend as projected, then by Monday it will, in 10 days, have beaten the entire domestic take of every Marvel film but the Avengers ones. That is including Civil War and Iron Man 3, which were pretty big hits.

Before it even starts its second weekend it has beaten the whole take of Winter Soldier (which I remember as a big deal, but it actually didn’t do as well in NA as I remember) and Doctor Strange.

It’s possible that a week from now it will have passed Ultron, too.


I’n assuming it won’t have the global reach Avenger did, I can’t find a foreign market comparison. Imagine if it beat Avengers worldwide like it’s going to do domestically…


It’s holding its own. Avengers opened to $25.6 million in the UK; Panther $24.9 million. Avengers opened to $10.7 million in South Korea; Panther $25.3 million. That’s not the case in every country but global looks pretty stout.




Exactly, but that is the thrust of Afrofuturism. When you have science fiction movies with mostly white people and white culture carrying civilization to the stars or building magnificent cities, no one says “that will never happen.” It’s “speculative” even though really we will wipe out life on Earth long before we set foot on another planet.

However, when it’s an African ideal of superscientific societies and advanced culture, it seems distinctly strange even though it is really no more fantasy than the particularly European future mythology of Star Wars or Star Trek. As multicultural as Star Wars may seem, it is very much a fairy tale and the Federation is quite Western in its concept.


Uh, that’s cause they’re set in the FUTURE, not cause they’re white civilizations… =/

If BP (& Wakanda) was a sci-fi movie set in the Future, it’d be the exact same thing as with any other future sci-fi movies… however we’re talking about the past and how civilizations have developped in the past, there’s nothing “speculative” about it, history is not sci-fi. I don’t see what either the future or white culture’s got to do with anything, tbh.


It’s possible that the three MCU movies released this year will have a total worldwide tally that is over 3 billion dollars.

That’s… insane.


It’s more insane when two of those movies are Black Panther and Ant-Man & Wasp. At this point I’m most curious if Infinity War can even hang with these Black Panther numbers. In theory, Infinity War should be a movie that could hit the $2 billion mark, but it’s got to deal with all the other summer competition. Also, it has to be a movie people want to see more than once.


I could see Infinity War doing 1.5 billion, just based on its event status. If iit’s good, it could do 1.7ish, I think. I don’t see it cresting 2 billion, though.


I’m actually expecting less from Infinity War. Unless it’s a surprisingly great movie I think it’ll end up around the same as Civil War/Age of Ultron. More than a billion but less than the first Avengers.


Looks like BP took in $28.8 million on it’s second Friday. That’s basically around (if not a few hundred thousand less than) what Avengers and Jurassic World did with their second Friday. Which means it should be looking at about $100 million second weekend. That’ll put it just below (or perhaps right at) $400 million at the end of Sunday. It’s outpacing Avengers so far, but might be slightly behind Jurassic World, so it’s domestic total is looking to land between $625 and $650 million right now. Right now the only Marvel movie I can see having a shot at doing better is Avengers 4. And that’ll be only if Infinity War is awesome AND people understand it’s probably the last we’ll be seeing of the likes of RDJ, Hemsworth, and Evans in Marvel movies. At least for a good long while.


I think there’s a decent chance Black Panther out grosses Infinity War as it’s on an Avengers pace and I expected Infinity War to be more on a Ultron pace.

It’s not unprecedented considering Wonder Woman outgrossed Justice League, but it’s still an amazing situation that it’s even possible.


But they still have to watch Avengers 4 before saying goodbye to Cap and Tony.


Avengers Movie 4 is also officially untitled because I know the title is a spoiler. I don’t know what the spoiler is genuinely but I do know that’s why it is being held back.


Wonder if they will announce the full Avengers 4 title right after Infinity War opens, or wait a while until it comes out on DVD.

Maybe they’ll do it at the end of the credits, like "The Avengers will return next year in Avengers: Spoliery Spoiler.