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They’re taking the wrong lesson from this then. I don’t think skin colour has that much to do with this movie’s success. It’s part of it perhaps, but I think it’s more important that they made BP and his world look so cool.


Hollywood in a nutshell. :wink:


The secret to Black Panthers success is that the star is not Black Panther; it’s Wakanda. You can’t replicate that with Cyborg or Jon Stewart.


To be honest I think it does but it goes beyond a black lead. That’s hardly that rare as we’ve seen with Blade or Will Smith films that made plenty of money. Jim posted the demographics of US tickets sold that were nearly triple the actual demographics of the country. That it has a black director and 90% of the cast I think made people feel they had to support it.

Of course it also has to be good. The actors chosen are generally excellent, the director won loads of admiration for making a great Rocky film of all things. I’ll be more prone to see a film that represents me but if it’s shit that won’t last long.


Yeah, I mean - Brie Larsen made a statement about how watching this movie will change lives.


Maybe not with John Stewart alone, but the GL Corps and OA could be a vibrant hub full of diversity and visual awesomeness. The star of that movie would have to be the Corps and all the mythology that goes along with it. It’s not quite the same, but I feel like it would be the closest thing WB could get in an attempt to go the BP route. A make-shift society of secret law enforcement that has been guarding the universe for millennia could hit all the right notes with the right creative team behind it.


I’d probably go with a Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle film, instead. He’s a character that has a stronger connection to his culture than John Stewart traditionally does (we see a lot of his family and community in the comics) and it could work as a Heinlein/Spielberg/Amblin-esque boy’s space adventure film, while also featuring cultural diversity. If you wanted something more overtly political, you could tackle immigration in an allegorical way, as well.


If they really wanted to emulate Black Panther they’d make a Fourth World movie and populate it with a heavily multicultural cast. That is probably their best shot but it’s not a great one.


Okay, yeah a Fourth World movie would be a fun idea in general.


So…the Forever People or a movie that uses Morrison’s Street New Gods as the basis?
I’d dig either.


An issue you run into there is that it’s representation without race/culture. Wakanda, despite being an entirely fictional setting, is explicitly linked to African culture and real world politics, which is part of the appeal. That’s not to say that simple representation (and opportunities onscreen) aren’t important, but a Fourth World film would only be similar to BP on the surface.


But you build it up carefully. Don’t copy the New Gods’ narrative structure, start with separate character movies and buid up to your big event. First you have a Black Racer movie, then a Big Barda movie (focus groups tell us those will be the breakout chatacters), then maybe Orion, or maybe a seemingly unconnected Forever People. Then you’re ready to do New Gods Part 1, which brings them all together and introduces Darkseid (who up to now has just been mumbling vague threats in post-credit sequences).


Woah…that is some terrible ordering.

First you go Forever People. They’re simple and they’re engageable.
Then Mister Miracle. A bit more weighty, and more of a direct connection.
Finally, Orion and the New Gods. Brings it all together.

No crossover movie. Each does their own thing and never intertwines outside of maybe a cameo.


But dammit Black Racer is so cool!

Why does everybody always ingore Black Racer :cry:


Because he’s a plot element. Not a plot character.

I’d ideally envision him as the larger force antagonist of Orion 2.


This is a brilliant choice. It’s a goldmine property, maybe more than Shazam, if Warners put their best talent behind it.


Six days in Black Panther has earned $20 million more than Avengers. It’s clear it’s going to make more than $600 million domestic and will be Marvel’s highest grossing domestic movie. It’ll clear a billion easily too judging by these projections.


Much better than the pudgy old middle-aged version of the character. :wink:


I wonder how well it is performing in the very small film markets in middle and southern Africa? In many ways, it is designed more for the African diaspora with those displaced long ago getting at a fictional version of a “pure” Africa.


Released by Walt Disney Co., “Black Panther” scored the largest box office debuts ever in West Africa and East Africa, generating about $400,000 and $300,000, respectively. In South Africa, “Black Panther” had the third-highest opening ($1.4 million), coming in behind the two most recent “Fast and Furious” movies. Big-screen company Imax Corp. said its theaters in Kenya and Nigeria had their biggest results ever this weekend.