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Amazon has some cool indieish, eclectic movies that I can’t find anywhere else (it’s where I found Swiss Army Man) and it has the Americans and Mr Robot. But the interface is terrible and awkward. I assumed it would be fixed at some point, as Amazon is one of the biggest companies ever and I figured they would want a workable streaming platform. Still waiting.


Amazon has The Tick! Which is fantastic.


The app version of Amazon Video has a great interface compared to the desktop version


Like a phone app? I use the TV app version and it’s pretty crap too.


The phone app.
Don’t know how the TV app works.

The only problem I have with the phone app is that it lumps together what’s under prime and what’s for rent/sale. Still, a far better situation than the desktop.



Tech service corporation Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc. has upped its stake in subsidiary MoviePass. HMNY’s total ownership of the outstanding shares of MoviePass’ common stock is equal to roughly 78%.

The increase in ownership stems from cash advances provided by HMNY to MoviePass, from time to time, from December 19, 2017 to February 15, 2018. These cash advances to MoviePass, total $45.5M, went toward the movie ticket service’s working capital and operational requirements, as well as to support its expansion. As of 12:13PM EST, HMNY was trading at $4.72, -6.7%.

Recently MoviePass jumped from 1.5M to 2 million subscribers in less than a month’s time. In addition last week, MoviePass announced it was teaming with streaming service Fandor on a new subscription bundle that includes both for a total annual cost of $116 (offer valid for a limited time).



I watch a lot of movies on Amazon Prime via Roku and don’t have any problems with it. It’s a lot better than Netflix on Roku, which autoplays previews, with sound, when you hover over a film. Netflix is really stripped down on Roku so I haven’t figured out how to turn that off if you even can. I just mute the TV when I’m browsing now.


So it appears that while great things were predicted for Black Panther, it’s still exceeding expectations

More than $190m over three-day weekend is just nuts.



Box Office Mojo have Black Panther at $192M for the three days:

Not surprisingly, Early Man didn’t do very well, with Aardman’s worst opening, below even Shaun the Sheep Movie.



You also need to factor in that they directing people to their cinema instead of going elsewhere.

So, I pay £16 or whatever each month (I don’t go anywhere near as much as I used to because of work and young kids). If we decide to go to the cinema we have a choice of


Showcase in Paisley (closer and free parking)

Odeon at kinning park (fee parking and loads of places to eat, plus bowling etc

Local cinema

I will always go to the cineworld because I have the pass. So even if I went to see 2 movies a month without a pass, I’d be flitting between 4 cinemas. Cineworld would have been lucky to get 1 of those tickets per month.

Also, because I have a pass, it doesn’t mean that the people I’m with do as well - so if I go there and take 3 others, that’s 3 extra tickets they wouldn’t have sold.

£16 a month guaranteed is good money for them, having captured that audience.


Ok, that’s a fair point. We always go to Cineworld as it’s the most convenient, and I honestly never considered that others might be in a position to “shop around”.


Oh, that’s a good point. Even though I have a pass I go to a few different cinemas for different reasons, so I guess it’s the guaranteed income that they will have from me no matter how much or how little I go to their cinema.


The three-day total is now up to $201.8M, just behind Avengers’ $207.4M.


With the response to Black Panther, I wonder if WB will try to get the Cyborg movie going again?


Higher average than Avengers though as it opened on less screens.


If they do, maybe they’ll stop trying to make Flashpoint happen simply as a way of getting it as Cyborg vehicle.


the problem with cyborg is aside from teen titans go where he’s used for comedic effect he just isn’t interesting enough or relatable.