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This is a good point in the final analysis. Except the films actually don’t seem to be for kids, really. At least not in the PIXAR sense of movies like THE INCREDIBLES or CARS or the MARVEL movies. I mean, there are probably a lot of parents who absolutely won’t let their kids see the films because they have way too much sex and violence for a family film.

I personally think that the real demographic for the movies are more men in their early 20’s than teens. But the first movie came out ten years ago, right? I think the audience for the films has gradually moved on (to Marvel movies), unlike the Harry Potter movies where the readers and viewers grew up with the characters.

I think it would be smart to reboot the franchise for a new audience, and - like Star Wars - look at the cartoons that actually were for kids to see how to reframe it for the huge international market that’s opened up in the past ten years for family films.


I think you’re right. My son loves Transformers toys and cartoons, but when I tried him on one of the movies he was bored almost immediately and kept asking what was happening. (It mirrored my reaction.)

We didn’t even get to the sex and violence!


I read about the fact that the big entertainment companies play the currency markets just as much as any bank. It’s obvious that they must do that once you hear it, but for someone like me, outside the financial world. it was a surprise. They have a lot of other things going on than just film production.



WFTPOTA made $56.5M opening weekend:

Not awful, but down $16M from the last one, and down from the first in the trilogy when inflation is included, despite slightly better reviews.


Sounds pretty representative of its quality.


That running time is a killer.


I was reading the Wikipedia page for War and it said that in October 2016, a fourth movie was planned.

If War opens soft compared to the others, I wonder how it will impact a the proposed fourth movie.


I really hope there’s a Fourth.
Just to end this on a high note.

Now I’m a bit sad by its performance


It probably has more to do with content than length. It’s a dark, dour war movie, which isn’t exactly prime summer viewing.


There’s also plenty of parts where it fails being an engaging dour, dark, war movie.
So…I have to think that not being as good as Dawn, or even Rise, has a part to play.


There is also so much competition right now week to week. It’s bound to be difficult for most to afford visiting the cinema every week.


Spider-Man Homecoming had a 61% drop in North America which is pretty bad. ASM dropped 44% by comparison (though I think the math there is a bit funny). Regardless, it’s a slightly worse drop than Ultron and a slightly better one than Man of Steel, both of which were considered somewhat bad drops.

It will still do fine and hasn’t opened in China yet but it is looking like the first RDJ movie to not a crack a billion since Iron Man 2. Maybe China will save it from that.


RDJ doing less than a billion will make executives nervous. And RDJ nervous too because he’s maybe no longer worth the price tag. If he weren’t in Homecoming I doubt the box office would have been much different.


I don’t really think RDJ gives a shit at this point… he’s gotta have enough money by now, and a career ressurection most actors would kill for.

Also, let’s be honest, I doubt he’ll do better than his IM stint, so that’s pretty much a good peak to hit… now he can coast on that for the rest of his career. I mean, it’s not like he’s a spring chicken anymore. As long as he doesn’t pull a Depp and squander his fortune, he should be more than ok.


He’s an actor and an attention whore. You think he’d be ok with ‘what happened to RDJ?’ articles in a few years? He cares deeply about being Tony Stark, he;s milked the character more than Depp milked Jack Sparrow. He loves the character, it’s defined and saved his life. I doubt he wants this to end anytime soon.


Whatever happened to the 90 minute film?


I think Dunkirk is around 90 minutes, which is a huge change for Nolan after his last few.


That almost had me interested. It’s listed as a 2 hour runtime.

Edit: IMDb says 1h 46min. So that is pretty damn close. I might have to go see it.


I looked that up earlier today myself and was shocked. I assumed it would be some three-hour epic. I’m more excited about the film now.