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Just like Star Trek.
And then Star Trek again.


I mean, I get killing off Han. I’m pretty sure that’s the only way Ford would agree to the movie. Killing off Luke was a bad idea, though. Yeah, they can keep him around as a ghost or whatever, but his death just felt unnecessary. And yeah, not at least getting the original three to share a single scene together was a weird choice by Abrams. Oh well, Episode IX will at least be done with killing of the original cast. Unless they kill Chewy, C3PO, R2, or bring back Lando just to have him die when the Falcon is exploded.


And Wedge, they want to kill Wedge but Lawson keeps turning them down.


I would say that the Star Wars “saga” should end with IX, and that anything after that should be something new (KOTOR, Sith War, Yuuzhun Vong, bounty hunters/underworld, all new things not from the old EU), but TLJ was such a misstep for me that the SW franchise is danger of being dead to me like the Alien one is.



Lets lose money even faster!!


Going for broke on market share but Google tells me the average ticket price in the US was $8.84 in 2017. So they are losing money now from every visit.

The problem is with the market share model we’ve seen from the likes of Amazon and Netflix they control most of it from end to end. Here they don’t control any of the product, they obviously have ambitions to drive it but these big chains to me seem to have the power to shut them down when they want after they’ve drained them of lots of cash.


Add to that their recent shakedown of AMC that fell flat. Someone’s losing a small fortune on paying for others to go to the movies. Good luck to them, but this is a huge waste of money and effort. Everyone internal much be bricking it.


Don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up as it is still early, but here is 2018’s global box office champ so far:


(It opened in 2017 in about 75% of the markets, but BOM is a U.S. website, so.)


Well earned.


Now that Jumaiji has passed Spidey in worldwide box office (and still yet to open in Japan), that means 2017 is the first year since the pre-Avengers days when there was no superhero movie in the global top five.

Not saying it means anything as obviously superhero films did quite well last year, but it is something interesting to note.


Wow. I feel bad for 2014.


But that was the best Transformers movie.



There is no “best” Transformers movie.


You take that back






Obvs JL was a total flop — that should have been $1B. Of the rest I think they all did as well as could’ve expected, though arguably GotG2 underperformed. You’d think Marvel would have hoped for a better than ~10% bump over the original.

And of course none in the top 5, but 4 in the top 10!


That isn’t so bad though. Honestly, Marvel’s sequels haven’t generally performed too much better except in the case of Iron Man 3 and Captain America 2. Considering that Star Trek and Star Wars sequels were either disappointing or divisive, that really left Guardians as the only space opera that was an unequivocal hit.

In some ways, Marvel actually has kinda accidentally taken the lead in this genre with both Guardians and Thor Ragnarok as neither of those are really superhero movies.


In 2016 in the rank of top ten overseas movies, only 2 did less than $300 mil in the US - The Mermaid and Fantastic Beasts.

In 2015 there were 4: Spectre, Mission Imposdible, Fifty Shades and Martian.

In 2017 there were 5. It feels like the US and foreign markets are somewhat drifting apart.