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I saw it twice.
I’m flying to Australia next month. I might watch it on the plane to make it 3


With Moviepass, correct?

To be honest the introduction of Moviepass in the US makes this box office take look even worse.


I didn’t see it and the general reaction makes me think I didn’t miss much. People like it. Hardly anyone loves it. Most of the ongoing discussion seems to be mocking it.

Give that we’re going to be 4 movies into the Disney/Star Wars era I don’t think they’re doing a good job. They’re not bringing the magic they brought to Marvel. Honestly to me if feels like they don’t understand Star Wars. Every story decision they’ve made so far I’ve disagreed with.

I think Disney are slowly killing Star Wars, like Warner’s have killed DC. They had all the goodwill in the world, to the tune of 2 billion for a mediocre opening movie. I think people expected a Marvel type experience with Star Wars. And they’re losing that goodwill with each movie they release.

I also know $800 million a movie doesn’t cut it. Marvel and Star Wars should always be aiming for a billion every outing.




“With Moviepass, correct?”

Pretty much. I have one of the UK equivalent chain-specific cards. Getting that last year really freed me up to go see a lot more movies many more times. Four for Blade Runner 2049, five for Dunkirk in the end. My record was six with Baby Driver. No way could I have justified paying for each individual ticket (well, maybe for Blade Runner).


Moviepass paid it for you! You’re their type of customer that’ll put them out of business!

Moviepass claim to be 10% of all box office receipts. I’d imagine it’s higher for Star Wars.


I wonder if pirating affects much of this?
I was talking to somebody who had watched an illegal download of the movie but it broke maybe half an hour before the end and he was thinking about going to the cinema to see the whole thing hassle-free.
Would it be a good marketing tactic to just release an opening segment of your movie online instead of the omnipresent deluge of trailers that spoil the entire movie?
I’ve seen them sometimes do it with underperforming films (the first ten or fifteen minutes of John Carter is the one example that I can remember) but might it be beneficial to try it with all?


Luke returned in TFA.


Indeed… and let’s not forget that China doesn’t seem to give half a fuck about Star Wars… which can’t be helpful when all is said and done…


I can’t tell if you’re being deliberately obtuse here. He was in the movie for two seconds.


But was it supposed to make so much less? Especially essentially killing any follow up in China?

Also… toys. Merchandise is a big part of STAR WARS. Not just business but the fertilizer of the intellectual property. If fans aren’t charging their imaginations with the fabric of the SW story material, then the films will diminish with each release.

At its core, Star Wars is anti controversial. It’s a daydream that you slip into as comfortably as well worn pajamas. If it goes metafictional with people wondering what it really means or if Disney is just trying to milk it, then it sinks into mud.

You can’t hack Star Wars and make it better. You just have to let it run.


This. Not to mention that they killed him off too! How Luke’d die has been a recurring topic on the net for years. One point of agreement was whatever they did, it’d get attention and whoever did would go for maximum publicity - which, strangely, didn’t happen. Yeah, there was the huge blow-up over the film, it lasted about a month, here we are near two months later and it’s already faded.

I wonder if releasing a film like TLJ in the era of GoT, which in turn renders killing off characters not that a big deal, didn’t also work against it being shocking. The other element is that all three of the characters from the OT that arguably drew people to TFA are dead or as good as by the end of TLJ, so short of ghost Luke, those character hooks and those who respond to them are also gone, as is their money. I like the new trio but how far can they carry ep 9 on their own? We’ll see.

It’s strange too in that on the other era material Disney’s been far more careful. They’ve set up links across mediums, developed new characters then they go over to the Sequel trilogy era and set fire to it all! The cynical expectation for some now is eps 10-12 start with Starkiller 3.0 nuking a star and Rey having suffered the death of all those she taught because, well, it worked before, right?

They are clearly aiming to keep SW going with Johnson’s trilogy and now the GoT trilogy too, but will anyone care or will they have been jaded to it all? Depending on the nature of the output, both could be quite interesting, but how will they fit into SW as a whole?


I really hope that they don’t rush into Episodes IX to XII. They should wait for at least a decade before even thinking about them.


Cue Herr Starr:

Wrong use of roman numerals Kandor! Wrong. Use. Of. Roman. Numerals.


:confused: what’s wrong about those?


9’s already underway, now if he meant 10, that’s X, not IX, which is 9.


Now I know you’re just trolling. :wink:

I honestly love what TLJ did with the franchise. It took us back to a place of magic and possibilities that we had at the end of ANH.


Oh yeah. Well, if Disney wanted to not rush into Episode IX that would be pretty cool too.


I’d really like them to because that film has an awful lot to do, but they probably won’t and if they do another immediate continuation, then the entire ST basically takes place in a week.


Yes, it seems like they should have gone all-in on new characters or all-in on the original cast. They didn’t give audiences enough credit for their ability to embrace a new cast, feeling the need to re-introduce and then kill off the old cast as a “bridge” to the new.

Courts should have intervened and voided the sale from Lucas to Disney once it was clear Disney’s plans were to drag Luke and Han back, not give them a single scene together, and immediately kill them.