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Yeah. The more options open to you, the more the bar tends to also get raised - no one wants to spend time on something they don’t like… (Well, in most cases.)

Am I buying less comics? Perhaps a little but the overall quality I’d say is higher, but I’m more discerning on comics compared to TV. There are times when a 40min US cop procedural where things are very clear-cut is perfect. It’ll never be epic TV but it can be a good end-of-the-day watch.




Interesting that they cut off some AMC locations. It feels like the company is a bit crazy, caught up in their own mania about how they can control their customer base and direct them to which cinema to go to. It’s certainly a popcorn worthy news story to follow.


Alcon Entertainment to Reduce Operations, Cutting Jobs

Alcon Entertainment, which has seen mixed box office performance in recent years, has announced that it’s streamlining and consolidating its operations in order to capitalize on new opportunities for content providers.

The company was founded in 1997 and produced “The Blind Side,” “P.S., I Love You,” “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” “The 33,” “Point Break,” “Prisoners,” “Transcendence,” “Father Figures,” “12 Strong,” and “Blade Runner 2049.” “The Blind Side” was a major hit in 2009 with more than $300 million in worldwide box office. “Blade Runner 2049,” which was also financed by Sony, grossed $260 million worldwide.

Co-CEOs Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove did not disclose how many jobs would be cut. The company has a long-standing output deal with Warner Bros. for its movies.



Heyyyy so Justice League hasn’t made as much money as Doctor Strange???
Does it even have any markets left to release in??



Yeah, no ones really talking about just how disastrous Justice League was. We’re also skimming how poorly Last Jedi did. It’s not a good time for franchises.


Last Jedi made $1,321,549,705.
It was never going to make TFA money so I don’t see how it’s a failure…


It’s down almost a billion dollars from the previous movie.


But it was never going to make TFA money, that was the first Star wars film since the prequels.
It was the film to save us from the Prequels. It was an EVENT, it was like Avatar but not as terrible.
TLJ could never compete with that, and I don’t think Disney expected that it would…


Avatar was much better than Force Awakens. :frowning:


Yeah I’m with Uncle on this one.
Any future Star Wars movies don’t have a chance of getting near force awakens.

Disney need to weigh up if taking a few years off is worth it.
I doubt they will when they are all pulling in over a billion world wide.

Solo will be a good measure of the merits of pumping one out a year.


It wasn’t going to be the equal of TFA, but most estimates were $1.6-$1.7 billion. This was a big underperformed. I see lots of rationality happening in movie box office numbers these days, but the reality is Star Wars lost half their audience. That’s not washed away by it being an event. Avengers was an event. Avengers 2 came in with $200 million. That’s a drop, but not the disaster Last Jedi is.


We must call him Gruncle!


I don’t care much for TFA, but yer talking like a mad man there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Disney’s plan is one Star Wars movie and 4 Marvel movies each year.


Furthermore it was the return of Luke Fucking Skywalker after 35 years away, to an audience primed for his return. It’s hard to imagine an easier layup and they botched it.


They will definitely get diminishing returns then.

I think if they are okay with averaging around 800 mill for Star Wars then we will keep seeing them.

Marvel pumping out 4 a year isn’t really a problem as that been happening for years with non Marvel Studio Marvel movies rounding them up.
This year we get
3 mcu (BP,Infinity, Ant/Wasp)
2 Fox X-Men (Deadpool, Dark Phoenix)
1 Sony (venom)

And Marvel is pretty happy sitting around the 400-500 mark for their non avengering movies.

Seriously though I ain’t complaining
No way would I have believed 15 years ago that any of this would happen!


I enjoyed it😀


So did I. But let’s be honest, if you stick the landing with the return of Luke Skywalker then everyone on this board goes to see it three times in the theaters.


I’ve seen it three times in the cinema!
Anybody else?