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Could be worse. It could be Trainspotting.


Once, maybe?


That’s what I notice. Bittersweet Life, any number of period pieces where kings are set against their own children due to the demands of their court, The Host, many corrupt police thrillers. There is a dynamic of family, society and individual conflicts in Many Korean films that do not play out according to Western expectations even though the fit into Western genres.

Like comparing The Host to an American monster movie or Shin Godzilla to the American Godzilla, what will stand out are the unfamiliar elements but those are likely not what stands out to the people from the countries that make those movies.

Or comparing a show like Strong Woman Do Bong-soon to the CW’s Supergirl or Goblin (The Great and Lonely God) to a show like Lucifer since television shows cover a lot more time and different situations than movies. They fit into the same genre, but they are distinctly different in cultural expectations regarding romance, family, gender roles and even workplaces. They aren’t entirely alien, but they focus on things and play out in ways that contrast with the American shows.


Wait - that’s “ridiculous”? :confused:

tears up everything he thought he knew about Mexico


Cor blimey!


Don’t tell Brick Top.


It was Monty Python’s Flying Circus and Benny Hill for me.



Honestly, I’d be pretty damn disappointed if all British people weren’t secretly hilarious. And absurd. Hilariously absurd. I expect they all belong to the Ministry of Silly Walks.


The Horror


Hmm. I follow what you’re saying, and appreciate the concept while still not quite agreeing that I’ve encountered the same differences you’ve mentioned. It’s also worth considering in at least some of these films, anyway, factors unrelated to culture or psyche; some trends in film in any country could simply be due to budget constraints, relative ease of script writing/plotting, or in some cases government approval as well (not that you’ve actually come out and made a strong position of it being a matter of culture, just noting)



Jumanji really burst onto the scene. Hot damn.


I know @RobertB didn’t care for it but it looked like a fun family movie kids would enjoy.


It was a very messy movie with a good amount of gags in it. Wasn’t bad, but serviceable.
I’m not surprised it did well, but am surprised it did so well.


Jumanji is #1 again this weekend:



okay so basically it’s event horizon.


It’s Event Horizon for about 5 minutes. Then it’s a bunch of padding and badly implemented exposition.


I read the synopsis on Wikipedia.

Now I don’t need to waste my time actually watching it.