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I try to go to my local downtown theatre, which has a crappy sound system but none of this modern BS like reclining seats and reserved seating, which makes everything worse by trying to provide solutions for things that aren’t actually problems. They show an old movie every Thursday and showed Pink Floyd’s The Wall recently. I really wanted to go but it started at 10 which is much too late for me.


Millarworld brought to you by the AARP.


Just commit every screen to memory and I think your problem with reserved seating will be solved.

By the way, texting in movies is awful. It might actually be my number one gripe these days, but even the harsh glare of a phone screen can’t compare to what one guy did when I saw Homecoming for the second time. He decided to answer a phone call in the cinema, figuring that it would suffice to put his jumper over his head to muffle the sound and just talk as normal. He did this during the climactic battle with The Vulture, by the way.


Huh. That’s some real anal action.

I’m very fussy about cinema seats, and what’s why I love allocated/reserved seating. I can make sure I get the seat in the middle at the very back without having to get there early to wait in line. Prior to allocated seating I’d be likely to turn up 30-45 minutes before the doors open to make sure I was first in line.


In my experience, the recliners are a way for older, non-stadium seating theaters to upgrade without completely tearing out the theater.

I kinda like the reserved seating as it tells me if I really don’t want to be stuck in the front. I generally choose the very back so no one is behind me.


I don’t like reserved seating as I like to sit next to the hottest girl and leer at her while I rub my leg. It’s also why I only fly Southwest.


You don’t reserve the seat next to your wife?


What if she’s not the hottest girl there?


You’re lucky you’re wife doesn’t read this board or you’d be dead. :wink:


If she wasted her time on this forum I’d gladly let her kill me.


I don’t get you guys wanting to sit in the middle or back. Why not just wait a few months and watch the movie at home?


Sound systems and the difference in experience by watching in a big group rather than alone? Always especially enhances comedy and horror film experiences.

For the record, if you divided theater seats into three rows, I’d go for the front row of the second section every time.


If the sections are 1 thru 10 with 1 being the closest row I’m a 6 or 7. Too far back and it’s not as impressive, anything closer than a 5 and it feels like there’s too much screen.

If all Millarworld’s got together to watch Marks latest movie I fear we’d all be sitting in our own sections.


Me too, for exactly the same reasons.

So it looks like we can have a date.


Don’t worry if I start rubbing my leg. Just ignore it. It’s fine.



10, please.

Usually, I will. But if I’m going to go I’d rather be comfortable more than anything, so making sure there’s no one sitting directly behind me is a must.


Middle of the theatre, middle of that row.

I can see the screen, I can hear the sound system, I’m not going to get an aching neck looking up at the wrong angle and I’m not so far away that I miss details, plus I’m surrounded by (hopefully) several hundred people who are as in to the movie as I am.

That last one (the people) is the real difference between home and theatrical viewing.

Its a disappointment when I get to a theatre and it’s half full, or less.


The sensible answer.

And judging by my pre-booking experiences, the most popular one. It’s always those seats that go first.


I book early as possible for cinemas with allocated seating for that reason.

Which means I’m also the reason some of those seats are gone.