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Yes, I think it was the fact that he talked back to Vader and almost treated him as an equal that made him seem impressive.

Most impressive.


MoviePass has been met with plenty of skepticism by those in the industry, chiefly how the model of charging a monthly price that’s lower than most metropolitan average movie ticket prices can stay afloat (while the consumer pays only $9.95/a month, MoviePass pays full price for each ticket to the exhibitor). Largely big exhibitors like AMC are ticked off that an outside player is determining the new cost of a movie ticket in consumers’ heads. Studios are largely agnostic to MoviePass: The service isn’t taking any money out of their hands, and if they can drive more business to the cinema, then more power to them.

So to hell with the cinemas as long as the studios get paid?


I don’t think this is a good financial model…


It is if you’re Milo Minderbinder


Unless they are looking at it like a gym membership where only a fraction of the base actually uses it.


It’s not. Even the MoviePass CEO says it’s an unsustainable model long term, I believe. It’s why AMC and other big chains are worried, I’m sure. That MoviePass will go bankrupt and leave them on the hook to pay back the studios for the tickets.

I think some of the things MoviePass is trying to do is (1) get enough subscribers to gather viewing habits that they can sell to 3rd parties for targeted ads (2) find a way to prove that MoviePass is not only bringing in more people to the cinemas, but that this is leading to an increase in concessions sales. Presumably if that happens and MoviePass can prove it they’d ask the large chains for a discount (3) I’m sure they kind of hope a lot of people will forget to use it.

It’s a lot of what ifs, but at the same time the chains like AMC haven’t done a very good job in recent years of attracting more people to the cinema. AMC even floated that brilliant idea of having movie showings where cellphones and whatnot were allowed/encouraged to attract more teens. They clearly don’t know how to get people back in theaters. MoviePass might be unsustainable but if they can get lots of subscribers and show that these kinds of lower prices bring in a lot more business it will at least give the industry something to chew on. Because the $15 AMC charges for 2D tickets isn’t great.

At this point I just see MoviePass as an ambitious data mining experiment that I’ll enjoy while it lasts.


Black guy in a cape. That’s just inherently cool.




Nah when it was launched I could never see how it works.

I mean even if they get an enormous user base they are paying the chains $10 every time it is used (for simplicity’s sake I’d use $10 as the average ticket price) more than 12 times a year. That’s a huge amount to pay for personal data for targeted ads. Online survey companies pay 25 cents.

The only method I can see for it working is if it ends up like gym membership and most of the people taking it out don’t end up going that much, even then it’s going to initially attract cinema buffs who go every week and will save an absolute fortune (on that assumption $400).





I hate it when articles prolifically use rather new acronyms without explaining what they mean.


That’s trade journals all over, they’re totally WPOK.



Also this is the first thing to come up for PVOD. :wink:




VOD I presume is video-on-demand, anyway. Not sure about the P.

Edit: Premium, apparently.


Oh, I found it but it was several entries down. It’s Premium Video On Demand (PVOD). See how easy that is. It’s supposed to be a standard in technical writing. This one is on a website too. So it’s not like they’re limited by word count. :wink:

Now what is WPOK? I’m not getting anything but the radio station to come up and I find it hard to believe that someone in the UK would be familiar with a radio station in Pontiac, Illinois that I’ve never heard of. :wink:


I agree, and it’s the way I’ve always been taught to do things even when writing for an industry audience.

A deliberately made-up nonsense acronym. :slight_smile:


You used a DMUNA? I’m disappointed in you, Dave.