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This Transformers film will still finish in the top 10 or 12 for global box office this year. It’s just that losing 35 to 40% of your audience is…not ideal.


If they could control the costs they’d be laughing.

But I doubt anyone would want to see a cheap Transformers movie.


As usual one of the weirdest things about the Transformers franchise, apart from the fact that the robots from outer space embody ethnic stereotypes from Earth, is how good the cast is.

The last one had Anthony Hopkins, Ken Watanabe, Jim Carter, Stanley Tucci, John Turturro, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi…it’s practically a Coen Brothers movie!


What I love about the Transformers franchise is that it pulls these prestige actors like Frances McDormand, Stanley Tucci and, now, Anthony Hopkins. From an actor’s perspective, why do you think that is?


That’s fair.

But it’s not like they’re suffering on set.

It’s also a very fun thing to do. It’s a fun set to be on. C-Hop had a lot of fun. I’m trying to get that to catch on, for Anthony Hopkins.



How’d he respond to it?

Anthony is really chill. So I was just like “Ay yo, C-Hop.” and Anthony was like “Yo.” But in a British accent.


Big budget disaster movies often have very good casts. They know they need good actors for what little story they have to work, and the actors, well, what Steve said.


And in the end, Transformers could’ve been TMNT, sooo could’ve been worse?.. now THAT one does deserve better :smile:


I get the feeling all those big names are actually pretty cheap actors. I can’t imagine any of them breaking a million dollars to play a supporting role. I also guess Paramount have a house rate for actors who sign with the studio.


Oh sure, and we’re only talking about a couple days work for each of them. Marky Mark does all the heavy lifting on the human actors side of things.


Age of Extinction is actually better than some Coen brothers movies!


It still amazes me that Dirk Diggler is one of the biggest male leads of this generation.


Same here.
But since you brought up Boogie Nights…he pretty much exclusively plays Brock Landers in movies now.

PTA was prophetic.



Sure. They’re character actors, not leading men. You can also see how those kind of movies usually have A-list character actors, but B-list* leading men - Emmerich’s leads in his disaster movies were guys like Matthew Broderick, Dennis Quaid, John Cusack. Hell, for Independence Day 2 they decided they didn’t need Will Smith and went with Liam Hemsworth instead.

This kind of movie, you need good actors to make them work, but you don’t need big names to draw people in. The disaster // giant monsters/robots will do that for you. Stuff like Spielberg getting Tom Cruise for War of the Worlds is quite unusual really.

*By that, I am not commenting on their abilities as actors, just on how much it’ll cost to employ them.


They’re only doing it for the money, so the money better be good.

But if Anthony Hopkins says no, it doesn’t mean the film is in trouble. or even delayed. It just means that they hire someone less well known and there’s a gap on the poster for another explosion.


Lots of Bay’s movies are basically Coen Brothers movies filtered through his sensibilities.

Bay himself said he was a big fan in this interview from 1998:

I’m a huge Coen Brothers fan, and I’d love to find some dark, quirky comedy or some thriller. Nothing to do with special effects or explosions. You know, those are tough movies to find, but I’d really like to twist it up.


The best example of that I’ve seen in the last few years was Paul Giamatti in ‘San Andreas’. He carries 90% of the exposition and a fair amount of the emotion and he does it beautifully.

It’s the Rock’s film, but Giamatti makes the underpinning of the whole thing work.


Giamatti is the perfect actor for that kind of movie, really. He owns every scene he’s in, and he knows when to chew the scenery like a mad dog and when to tone it down.


Well, he did recently direct Pain & Gain which is actually a dark quirky comedy without any explosions… sooo… :smile:


I guess he did find that in the end, with Pain and Gain.

Edit: Jonathan beat me. :sweat_smile: But I’m leaving the post here because I agree.


It did.