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Doesn’t see as bad as the reporters think it is but in comparison to THOR3 I suppose. Perhaps the budget to box office ratio is the concern. In any case, It got a respectable B+ on The CinemaScore. So far people who see it haven’t said it’s as bad as the reviews.


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If this movie does underperform, I wonder how much stink ends up on Geoff Johns or if he skates through unscathed. This was supposed to be one of his first chances to put his thumbprint on the franchise.


Well, I figure we’d see any consequences on Shazam! which is apparently using his Curse of Shazam story as basis. If they see to distance him, there’s still time to re-work it given that shooting hasn’t started.


If it ends up performing lower than Thor 3… I don’t see how the upper echelons of the filmmaking machine could see it as anything other than a catastrophe. It’s impossible to say what effect Geoff Johns has had on the film, but he did a lot of good at DC comics, and I hope it doesn’t blowback on him, as he seems to be just a great guy, but I have a feeling some heads will roll.


This stuck out for me:

I hear from credible financial sources who have sharp knowledge of Justice League‘s budget that if the film clears $700M-$750M global, after ancillaries, it will turn a profit, but not much. Overseas including China is currently at $42.4M through Thursday.


He wasn’t promoted to his current position until June 2016, when this movie was in the middle of production, so it shouldn’t affect him that much.


If there’s any major fault to be identified, I would imagine it’s the decision that WB took to stick with their original overarching DC plan after BvS got such a slating and made less money than expected.

At that time (March-April 2016) I remember there was a lot of talk over whether the reception BvS got would force them to dramatically change tack and alter their plans for Justice League and beyond. There was an expectation that they would surely have to make some major changes.

They didn’t, and they stuck closely to the original plans (possibly partly because Justice League was due to begin production almost immediately after BvS came out). In retrospect that may prove to have been a bad decision.


Justice League opened to $96M:

Higher than Logan; less than Wonder Woman, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Ragnarok, and GotG2.





Looks like the pain is continuing

Say what you will about keeping budgets lower; $250m for a Justice League movie is shockingly bad.

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Looks like Justice League is going to get beat by dead Mexicans.


Damn immigrants stealing our jobs!


And dead ones at that!