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That’s a really great result, and a huge improvement over the previous movies. Like a tremendous amount. If all sequels could have that kind of gain studios would be really happy. They should take note of how well this movie did and figure out what works with audiences.


A good overview of the Marvel process (this article was linked in the one I posted above):


I think it’s clear that the audience is in dire need of a more Marvelous Antipodean sense of humour.

In order to entertain us in the meantime, I reckon @Andrew and @markabnett should regale us with say three jokes each.


I will offer you this wee classic


Sydney yachting hobbitses! I has chortles. But, alas, no vodka.

One down; two to go.




Tēnā rawa atu koe. I needed something cheery-up-y today. Did I say it right? The only other phrase I have is Meri Kirihimete.

I might just go and see Thor again today. Well, someone has to think of the box office. :slight_smile:


Chur will do also :wink: [quote=“Bernadette, post:762, topic:10203”]
Tēnā rawa atu koe


I think Marvel has a much stronger learning curve and flexibility in its strategies. It quickly shifted to its strengths in the films and away from planning too much too far ahead. You could see a general decline in Civil War as far as entertainment level while a rise in the Guardians and Ant Man comedic route. I’m sure once audiences seem to get tired of the comic angle, they’ll shift again.


Civil War is a bit of a weird film because in its three acts, the first and last are in the tone of Winter Soldier, which was a more serious but commercially and critically liked one, and a big Guardians funny tone in the middle act with the airport fight.


Wow. I’ve never been exactly able to put my finger on what I disliked about Civil War but that is pretty succinctly my issue with the film. I still enjoyed it but the tone was uneven.


Yeah, that was my problem with it. Problem as in, I’d have loved it if it had managed to be more consistent, instead of just liked it.


Yeah I liked it too because I liked Guardians and Winter Soldier for different reasons but melding the two was a bit strange. Watch it again and there are no jokes or light moments at all outside of that middle bit.


My problem with it was that because it was partially Avenger 2.5 it was stuck spending time checking in on characters that I had no interest in and didn’t want to see in a Captain America movie.



And to be honest, it wasn’t quite clever enough to pull off the seriousness. They should’ve gone with the light mood - that part worked really well.


That stuff really doesn’t bother me. Some people were apparently moaning that there was too much Hulk in a Thor film just before it came out, probably wrongly but if it was 80% Hulk and entertaining I’d be fine with that.

Different strokes and all that though.


I mean, if you can’t stand the Hulk I can see how that complaint makes sense. Though you’d have to be a bit of an asshole to go into a movie that was advertized as featuring the Hulk heavily and complaining about him being in it.

With Civil War, I have no interest in Vision or Scarlet Witch and they weren’t heavily featured in the promotions for the film but we still got multiple scenes with only the two of them. As such I was completely bored during those.


Here’s a 4th one @Bernadette
I’ll stop hijacking the thread now!