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Also, I imagine the 3 hour length made it less appealing for people and harder to schedule around in smaller markets.


We’re going a little in circles with the conversation after many theories have already been given about BR 2049’s box office. Check yo thread b4 starting on a story that may already be covered the day before. :wink:


In fairness to him, he is great in this one though. His character doesn’t feel static in the way that bringing back Indiana Jones or Han Solo did.


Blade Runner did much better in the UK than the US:

  1. Blade Runner 2049, £6,071,625 from 634 sites (new)

  2. Kingsman: The Golden Circle, £2,112,966 from 600 sites. Total: £19,458,871 (three weeks)

  3. It, £807,500 from 485 sites. Total: £30,961,497 (five weeks)

  4. The Mountain Between Us, £777,646 from 423 sites (new)

  5. Victoria & Abdul, £467,042 from 497 sites. Total: £8,233,307 (four weeks)

  6. Goodbye Christopher Robin, £397,441 from 573 sites. Total: £1,744,601 (two weeks)

  7. Norma – Met Opera, £224,794 from 201 sites (live event)

  8. Flatliners, £195,318 from 322 sites. Total: £950,712 (two weeks)

  9. Home Again, £174,799 from 404 sites. Total: £952,035 (two weeks)

  10. The Emoji Movie, £141,250 from 401 sites. Total: £14,612,815 (10 weeks)



This is really bad for theaters.


Which is something they need to think about. Cinema chains work on pretty low margins, the profit mainly coming from the popcorn and fizzy drink sales. As with comics in some ways you could milk them more but if they start closing down your business model is buggered.

In the US especially Star Wars is such a banker, the last is the highest grossing film in NA ever, they may all get away with it but need to be aware of the potential consequences and if they have a film that isn’t tracking well the theatres may happily throw it under a bus.


Sort of. On the other hand Disney have made a movie that will bring in millions of viewers and theatres will sell an awful lot of popcorn. They’ll still do well with this movie.


It’s still going to do 60% of Force Awakens.


To a degree too it is the standard business model outside the US. There’s basically a slight gambling system based on how well each thinks a film will do. To get Star Wars the cinemas take a lower cut but know it will sell a lot of tickets, for an indie movie they will take a higher cut because of the lower certainty of how many tickets they may sell.

The US system is a bit of an anomaly where they work on decreasing profits for the studio the longer it runs.

Cinemas in the UK adore surprise hits, something like the King’s Speech or Get Out, because they get the best of both worlds of full screens and the bigger percentage take.

Saying that the US system seems to work in other ways as their audiences are larger per head of population, that may be cultural though and unrelated to the system in place.


Same could be said for Disney though… No matter what the final number is, they’ll still get their investment back and then some. It’s kind of a dick move to charge more just cause they know the SW fans will go (multiple times even) and in the end cinema chains can’t afford to say “no”.

But hey… Disney? Jerks? Nothing new =P


Yeah not good for theaters at all.



Markets Brace for Potential Fallout From Arrest of Billionaire Investor Saudi Prince

Alwaleed owns roughly 5% of Twitter

Financial markets are bracing for the potential fallout Monday from the surprising arrest of Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the billionaire and global investor who holds stakes in entertainment and digital companies such as 21st Century Fox, Twitter, Apple, and Euro Disney.

Alwaleed is among 11 princes and 38 current or former senior Saudi officials who have reportedly been detained as part of an alleged anti-corruption purge. Experts say the mass arrests are actually a move to consolidate 32-year-old Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s hold on power by removing potential opposition.

Other detainees include Alwaleed al-Ibrahim, owner and chairman of Dubai-based Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC), which is the Arab world’s leading satellite television network.

News broke early Sunday local time that Alwaleed, who is head of Saudi Arabia’s National Guard, had been picked up by law enforcement agents in his Saudi desert camp.

With a net worth of about $19 billion, Alwaleed is ranked the world’s 50th richest person by the Bloomberg Billionaires index. He is the founder of investment company Kingdom Holding, based in the Saudi capital of Riyadh. The prince also controls Rotana Media Group, the world’s largest producer of Arabic music and a prominent Middle East film distributor and producer.

Kingdom Holding reportedly holds a 6.6% stake in 21st Century Fox, making it Fox’s No. 2 shareholder. Fox in turn holds a 19% share in Rotana. Alwaleed also owns a roughly 5% stake in Twitter and substantial undisclosed stakes in Apple and Euro Disney.

His past entertainment investments include the financing of Michael Jackson’s world “History Tour” in 1996.

Joice Mathew, head of equity research at United Securities in Muscat, told Bloomberg that stocks linked to Kingdom Holding will “be hammered in trading tomorrow, unless you see some sort of comment or statement from the companies or Alwaleed himself.”

A spokesman for Kingdom Holding could not immediately be reached for comment.


It only released on four screens, but Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird had the highest-ever per-screen-average for a movie directed by a woman:

Annoyingly, it’s not out here until Feb, and comes out the same weekend as Black Panther, I, Tonya, The Shape of Water, and the new Andrew Haigh and Paddy Considine movies.


Ragnarok already has amassed $427m in global B.O. — another $800+m Marvel movie. Will be interesting to see if it can crack $900m.

Has there been any press about how much Helmsworth and Ruffalo got paid for doing it? I know RDJ’s Marvel salaries are well known; I thought the others often got much less, though you’d figure CH, at least, would make a decent chunk of change for this.


To be fair, we know what RDJ’s alleged salary is, and it’s usually mixed up with his alleged profit participation as well. Neither he nor Disney is under any obligation to tell us the actual figures. He’s definitely doing very well though.


Someone did leak the Age of Ultron figures which the entertainment press published, they weren’t denied or attacked so were probably true or close enough. Even so it was a one-off.

Outside of that you won’t get to see what they were paid beyond the estimates that Forbes put out annually that tell you Jennifer Lawrence can command $20m a picture etc.


The problem I have with all of this stuff is that it’s described as a “leak” but when you try and trace it back it’s just one site reporting what another site said. No-one seems to be the starting point; there’s no leaked email or profit report at the end of the trail. Maybe it’s legitimate or maybe it was what someone at Disney said over lunch that was overheard.

Very occasionally we get something we can be confident of, like the Sony leaks or Johnny Depp’s legal fight with his managers. They put real figures out in the media.


True enough. I just tend to find if figures get out there that are grossly inaccurate (whether too high or low) someone will have to correct them in the press or an interview etc. Which nobody did. Also it’s only really happened once, otherwise people could just make up any numbers every other film to get clicks.

It could all very possibly be bollocks though. Either way we most probably will never know what they got paid for this film.