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Such a shame, box office would be stratospheric – If only Robert had told me sooner that it was a Gosling movie star movie. I blame his ugly, fugly cinema.

I agree with Gar. Blade Runner is Arrival-awesomely thought-provoking. They both share an immersive Dunkirkish score too. There was also a scene in Blade Runner fairly reminiscent of one in Her.


It is an outrageously ugly “urban renewal” era building. My picture doesn’t even do its ugliness justice. I only go to it because it’s close to the pubs downtown. I think the phone is used exclusively for drug deals and the theater is robbed at gunpoint like once every three months.

Edit- also my business is a half block away.


“The bloke from Downton and Paddington” doesn’t have the same effect.


Who was in Downton?


The actors unions have all that covered unfortunately.

You can’t register the same name twice. My favourite one is British comedian and actor David Walliams, his name is Williams, there is no such name as Walliams, he just changed a vowel to comply because someone else had it first. :smile:


Yes, but what about David Wallllliams with 5 L’s?


Shirley MaClaine.


Harrison Ford.


John Cena and Meryl Streep


Does Legion Dream of Eclectic Streep?


Fairly certain he dreams of demonic fat people… oh and demonic dogs… so close enough I suppose… :smile:



Is your friend an OAP?


No, just someone who has to get up pretty early and work all day.


If it’s any help, this review has pushed me a little closer to going to see it :slight_smile:


I thought it would do better than expected, but it wasn’t the sort of film that would attract a lot of moviegoers.


I can’t imagine it appealing to that many people. Blade Runner is already a cult hit that’s only liked by a small portion of movie fans, and anyone young isn’t lining up for a sequel to a 30 year old movie. I’m glad they made it, but it also feels like Harrison Ford continues to visit his greatest hits while cashing those paychecks.


Apparently when the execs greenlit it they forget crashing at the box office is part of the Blade Runner formula.


ie. only middle-aged men were interested. I am not really shocked about that.

I’m just glad that they made a good film for those who were interested.


Yeah, I saw a bit over social media the past weekend where younger or hipper larger accounts had went to watch the movie and then posted that they thought it was bad.

So it’s not really hooking that demo in.