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I want to see Blade Runner, but I’ll be honest…when I saw it was 2 hours and 45 minutes I was much less inclined to want to take the time. Some of that is just that I’ve got a lot going on prepping to move, but another is that I seem to have less and less patience for movies over 2 1/2 hours, or even over 2 hours. Which might be a sign I’m getting old?


To be honest I think it is a factor. The earliest screening for a given movie that I can reasonably get to is 8pm. I managed to get one that kicked off at exactly 8pm for Blade Runner 2049 and (after adding on the trailers and ads etc.) we didn’t get out of the cinema until almost half eleven. My friend who I saw it with said he might have enjoyed it more if he wasn’t so tired by the end.


Another good point is that the first movie has relatively little awareness among younger audiences. They might not be wondering what angle the film is taking on the material so much as wondering what that material even is.


Which is why Gosling is on the posters, so that the audience can latch onto him, not the plot.

But is he a big enough draw? I think he did well in the movie, I’ve never thought he was very charismatic but I know plenty of people who like him and his performance is very good.

How many tickets does he sell though?

I do understand that filmmakers didn’t want to spoil the film, but there has to be something for people to connect with? Something for them to care about?


I agree. The marketing was intriguing for people who are already interested in the first movie, but I don’t know what the uninitiated would make of it.


What are the general thoughts on using the year as the subtitle?
Was that a good move as well, or did it give it a sense of corn?


Maybe a lot of people thought it wouldn’t be out for another 32 years…


I’m completely indifferent to it. It didn’t make me want to see it or get in the way.


Maybe a lot of people thought the earliest showing they could get was about ten to nine.


The marketing was particularly intriguing for me because I got a free movie poster.

For the uninitiated – it only confirms what I already knew - Ryan Gosling IS a movie star. :slight_smile:


I thought that worked fine for the movie. His character isn’t intended to be charismatic.

I saw the trailer a while ago, and thought it was goingt to be a big budget action movie. I wasn’t interested in seeing that. Or seeing Harrison Ford turn up as a grizzled old Blade Runner showing Gosling how it was done in the old days.

So I was pretty excited to see that it wasn’t what I thought.

But it is an awful lot of money to spend on a melancholy, thoughtful science fiction movie. Hopefully word of mouth is going to help it. If I got a chance, I would see it again.


They mention in the article this is the biggest box office opening he’ll ever have had, I like him but he does a lot of ‘indie’ style movies.

To be honest I kind of expected this. They couldn’t have asked for better reviews but while it’s right in my wheelhouse I don’t know how much demand there is for arty adult sci-fi pics. I thought Arrival was the best film of last year but it didn’t do much at the box office. Her, Ex Machina, Dredd, cheaper films to make of course but more destined for cult adoration and probably better than usual DVD sales.


Funny enough I was reading this post while walking past my theatre and snapped a photo of the marquee. Gosling’s star power is blinding! :slight_smile:

Edit- yes that is a pay phone. I live in 1987, so what?


He has so much star power he doesn’t require any extra advertising, either that or he’s hiding from Ford’s fist. Maybe he just wants another glass of whiskey from Harrison.

Judging by that photo, you’re Marty McFly.


Is Gillian Anderson a draw?


It’s an enormous sacrifice on my part, I know, but I’ll go and watch it again purely on your behalf.


She is out of the cast for Viceroy’s House. I don’t think you are allowed to make cast members up and put “Jennifer Lawrence” on the sign. :smile:


I think the cast should draw straws to change their names legally to someone more famous in those cases :wink:


Ryan Gosling thanks you for your service.


I also thank Robert for uncovering what seems to be the world’s ugliest cinema. :smile: