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Me too.

I may have fallen asleep for a bit though.


Me too.

I liked the bit with the hedgehog.


Jay Darlington - he played extensively with Oasis on tour.


True. I’m not a big fan of his movies, but I liked NOAH quite a bit which is usually the one a lot of people hate. Liked BLACK SWAN, too, but once is enough. Most of his other films I just can’t even finish.

If I can watch all the way to the end, then it’s a good Aronofsky movie.

Still kinda want to see his Frank Miller’s BATMAN: YEAR ONE movie.


Yeah, I agree, I would say Noah is my favorite of his. I know a lot of people hate it though, and I know a straw poll would result in Black Swan or the Fountain being the favorite.

I would have liked to have seen his Watchmen film.


I liked Noah as well, my only issue is that the message becomes rather disjointed at the end.


It is a strange ending for sure. I really felt like it should’ve found a conclusion a few scenes before it did.


The first half is much better than the second but I like the turn it takes when the hero basically becomes the villain.


That would have been better handled without the flashforward which works against itself.

Take out that scene, makes a better movie. Keeping it in it makes a good case for why Noah was kinda right to want them to be the last ones. Damn Methusalah.


nah I think Requiem and Pi would still come ahead of those… the Fountain I don’t think many people saw…


Black Swan and Noah are the only ones of his movies people actually saw.


I’d imagine a pretty high percentage of the people posting in this particular thread have seen them :wink:

Personally, I loved Black Swan when I saw it in theater. For me it mostly succeeded simply as an exercise in tension. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, not out of any actual concern for the character, but simply due to what I saw as Arranofsky’s masterful use of craft. I wouldn’t bother watching it again, but those two hours in the theater were worth more than what I paid for the visceral feeling I got as a result from the sound, editing, photography, and direction.

Requiem for a Dream, I never really had a taste for. For me it was far too melodramatic, and some of it came off to me as rather cheap. The idea behind it is one I think could be executed better, even perhaps by Arranofsky himself.

As for Pi, it is what it is. I think it’s perfect at being the kind of movie it wants to be, but that doesn’t have much appeal for most of the world.


Not much mention of The Wrestler, which I enjoyed but which doesn’t seem to have lived long in the memory for a lot of people.

I am a big fan of The Fountain and get something new out of it each time I watch it. It’s probably my favourite of his movies. Pi is also great but not one I’ve returned to as much.

I liked Black Swan quite a bit but I don’t think it’s among his best work. Still haven’t caught Noah, but this discussion has made me want to watch it. I enjoyed the comic.


It’s a very accessible movie, I thought it was as mainstream as he’s ever likely to get, and it won over a lot of people by being a good character story done with just enough edge.

‘Mother!’ appears to be something they let him make so that he’d be happy and want to work with the studio more. It was a film financed for a professional relationship as much as anything else.


Crap, you’re right. I really loved the wrestler though… it’s actually probably my favorite film of his.


Sorry I meant on a site like this one, where the Fountain always seems to get a lot of love.


Noah is my favorite too with The Fountain probably coming second. A lot of his other films are excellent films but are such a downer. I remember how amazing I thought Requiem for a Dream was as a film but will never watch it again because of how depressed it made me after watching it.

Have you ever read Aronofsky’s comic version of Noah, Robert? It’s pretty incredible and different enough to enjoy separately. I has art by Niko Henrichon who also did the art on Pride of Baghdad.


I did not read the comic.


The comic omits the flashforward bit and overall I think has a stronger sense of message.


I highly recommend it. That hardcover is really nice too. The book in content and presentation feels more like a European BD than an American trade.