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This one?


I did.


I love that song. They also did a great cover of Hush.

Whatever happened to them? I didn’t hear much from them after the flaming swastika controversy.


And me.

(Not at the cinema though.)


Still going apparently.


Ah looks like they disbanded in 1999 and reformed in 2007 though. I’m not as up on music as I used to be. So it’s quite understandable that I would now know nothing about them.


He went into directing it seems. He is part of a showbiz royal family though. His grandfather an amazing actor and his mother a child star.


Another fun (and somewhat comic related fact), one of the triplets from Parent Trap: Hawaiian Honeymoon, Joy Creel Liefeld, is currently married to Rob Liefeld.

One of her sisters was also on Saved by the Bell.


Isn’t that Riptide’s real name?


Yep. Hadn’t thought about that until now.


Oh Rob, that rascal.


Get with it, granddad.

Worth noting that Kula Shaker’s original Hammond player (who was basically the reason their Hush was so good, he appears to be very heavily influenced by Jon Lord) isn’t part of the reformation, as he’s now in the prog band Magic Bus, who are awesome.


I love the sound of a Hammond organ especially with a Wurlitzer rotary speaker. Hammonds are kind of becoming antiques at this point and likely harder and harder to repair. A lot of groups have started using keyboards with Hammond sounds. Some even going as far putting them in cabinets that look like the original organ.


Hammond organ would feature in my top 5 favourite sounds. Maybe top 3 :slight_smile: (That’s kind of an obligatory statement for a Deep Purple fan.)

I’ve heard mix opinions on how good Hammond patches are on electronic keyboards. Purists hate them, but lots of respected professional musicians use them, so…

If I’m totally honest, my ears aren’t good enough to tell the difference, and I think any difference I do perceive is down to the musician rather than the technology.


Ah, yes, Procol Harum’s “A Whiter Shade of Pale” and Bob Marley’s “No Woman, No Cry” are united by that sound.


For those who care about such things, Spidey will be the #1 comic book movie of the year in a few days. Guardians #2. Wonder Woman #3. In North America that list is reversed.

Spidey and Guardians each made roughly 860 million and WW roughly 820. It seems pretty standard at this point and I bet Thor ends up right there as well. I think JL could still do better and flirt with a billion, but we’ll see.


Not sure that JL will go that high, all things considered. Happy to be proven wrong on that one, mind.

I wonder if that $800m range will hold up for some, none or all of the superhero flicks on the calendar for 2018:

Ant-Man & The Wasp (possibly)
Aquaman (sure, why not?)
Avengers: Infinity War (yes, and then some)
Deadpool 2 (I should coco)
Black Panther (possibly)
New Mutants (almost certainly not)
Spider-Man Animated (no, but it should do well by superhero animated feature standards)
Venom (highly doubtful)
X-Men: Dark Phoenix (nope)


If Justice League is fun it’ll do very well. Who knows how much it could make?


I was more skeptical of Justice League’s potential before Wonder Woman did so well financially and bought the franchise so much goodwill, in many markets anyway.

I am curious about the decision to keep Superman out of the trailers to date. That seems like a gamble with more risk than reward to me.


As a follow up to this for those curious, in the UK the order is Guardians, Spidey, Lego Batman, Wonder Woman, Logan. Some outsized Lego love. And WW beat Logan by a hair so she was almost 5th overall there.

In NA it is Wonder Woman, Guardians, Spidey, Logan, Lego.