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It is a much simpler idea than Dark Tower though and has more recognition. Plus Dark Tower had a lot of cooks in the kitchen which almost never leads to a coherent product.


There’s more people getting that kind of thing wrong than getting it right. Look at Super 8.

Both very true. But its being simple is also because it’s relatively straight horror, and that’s usually not a huge movie market. Whereas Dark Tower mainly had the bad luck of not being in the hands of somebody with the kind of vision to create an epic fantasy project.


Honestly, I always thought the Dark Tower was much more of a hard sell than other people seemed to. It’s a weird mishmash of genres and it’s mythology is complex and convoluted. Plus it doesn’t have huge recognition despite coming from King.


Count me in with the “IT” crowd. I don’t usually do horror in the cinema. There is something about the trailers and the story that entice me. I remember discussing IT in class shortly after its debut when I was in junior high school. I didn’t watch the television show, but the movie has captured my interest.


I think I’m going to enjoy the film of ‘It’, but it’s not my mental image of the book. It’s a bit too stylised.

But the novel was just something I enjoyed, not one I loved, so I’m more open to other approaches to the characters and story.

‘Dark Tower’ I never got into. I read one book and that was that for me.

I might even like the movie, but the trailers didn’t really grab me.


I love The Dark Tower, but I never expected someone would manage to adapt it well. It’s a weird, tough sell.


Yeah it’s kind of an odd thing. It wants to be a spaghetti western Lord of the Rings with a lot of science fiction, high and low fantasy, and horror mixed in. It’s so many things that it doesn’t really feel like anything when you get down to it. And King isn’t a strong enough writer to pull the whole thing together into a satisfying whole. He does some things very well, but big pucture mythology-building isn’t one of them.

And the whole mythology with the beams and breakers and guardians is kind of corny when you get right down to it. A giant bear with a radar dish on its head? A giant turtle?


Doombots and Snitches as well.


I still vividly remember reading the novel in high school. Never had any interest in the TV adaptation after that; a short look was enough to let me know that this wasn’t anywhere near matching up to what was in my head.

I think watching a movie adaptation now will be a rediscovery. Definitely up for that.




Wonder Woman has passed $800 million worldwide.
Well done.


More musings on 3D in light of the imminent T2 release.

I was considering seeing it on the big screen again in 3D, but having mulled it over, I think I’d rather spend the money on seeing a new release (especially since they’re asking full-price for this one).


Looks like Saturday’s fight may impact the box office:


It’s actually playing in a cinema in Manchester, I saw advertised.
I wonder if broadcasting live sporting events on the big screen is a way to go?


Yeah I saw that advertised too. Live events are very lucrative for UK independent cinema already.


Most bars will be showing the fight. They’ve done well hyping it up and generating interest.


Which is bizarre since it’s going to be a terrible fight.


Mayweather and especially McGregor are two of the greatest self-promoters in the entertainment industry. This whole thing basically came about because McGregor started cutting promos about it. Now he’s probably going to earn more in one night than UFC will see in profit for the entire year.

Not bad for somebody who was on benefits just five years ago.


Yup McGregor has played it perfectly. I said as soon as it was rumoured that even if he gets knocked out with the first punch he has talked himself into an astronomical pay day.


I kind of love SNL’s take on McGregor with a bit of a John Cena bonus. :wink: