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That makes you more positive than Rory now!

There’s a lovely irony that we’re being criticised for criticising over critical pieces of criticism, I can’t deny that. :smile:


True, but it’s less a piece of criticism and just a dumb comedy channel on youtube which doesn’t take itself as seriously as the criticism it’s getting.


I have to admit I’m not sure I’ve seen one of their videos, but they are very far from the only ones doing this kind of thing and not all if it is comedy based (If that’s what they are). I don’t think the article is solely picking on them but used them as an in to the broader subject because the Kong director actually responded.


Which just makes the Kong director look thin skinned. If it was an actual long video essay critique, then I can understand. Other directors have done the same.

But CinemaSins is pretty bland comedy, and so the whole “hammer” thing is just…wooo boy.


I don’t think he meant it literally. :wink:


Neither did I.


It does. Those things are comedy (albeit not to my taste), and I think by now the target audience is well aware that the point is to make any movie look silly regardless of actual quality.

The Kong guy is probably right in what he’s defending about his movie; even the one or two of those “Everything Wrong” videos that I watched made it very clear that half of the things they’re complaining about aren’t wrong at all but deliberate choices or actually make sense if you look at them in context. Those people are not very good at what they do, but then it’s at least clear what they do: if they’re talking about your movie, they won’t point to what they liked, their sole purpose is to point to shit they think is wrong. So why would you even watch that, as a director, much less actually answer their points?

He would’ve done better to respond to the Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw, who gave the movie one star and who said of it that “it’s something Ed Wood Jr might have made with a trillion dollars to do what he liked with but minus the fun”. I expect that if he’s read it, this made Vogts-Roberts want to cut his nipples off.

The writer of the article Robert posted does, actually. He refers to them as a positive example.

EDIT: Also, they’re not the Donald Trump of anything because they’re not the president of the USA. They are maybe what Donald Trump was before all that, which is someone whose opinion matters very little to anyone outside of a select circle.


Their opinion doesn’t matter to anyone. No one watches these videos for serious criticism or to help them make up their minds about a film. That’s the part that’s missing from this. These aren’t reviews, they’re not critiques, they’re videos people mainly watch to laugh at.


This has wandered off the thread topic, albeit in an interesting way.


Yes it has. Let’s leave it there and find some box office news to discuss.



My wife is rarely interested in horror movies these days but she really wants to see IT in the theater. I usually use that as a way to judge how well a film will do. :grinning:


The writer of the article Robert posted does, actually. He refers to them as a positive example.

I disagree. Their Alien Covenant one was really poor (to take a recent example). These channels don’t even try to engage with the movie on its level and I think that’s what I hate about them. How lazy it all is.
Complaining that the flute scene was way too long without giving a passing thought as to why that scene is in the film or the technical achievements taken in pulling it off. It’s all very cynical stuff, and when they don’t seem to understand the movies that they are ripping into, is it any wonder that the director feels that way?
I think that we do have to stop and wonder if these videos and this style of “humour” is playing its own part in devaluing film criticism.


Only if we act like they are on the level of film criticism, which is not beholden to these videos as they do not pretend to be.


Gents, we agreed to move on a few posts back (by ‘agreed’ I mean the Lords of MW said 'IT ENDS NOW!). :wink:


I think that we should respect @garjones and stick to the topic at hand. I posted without reading everything first. So, apologies all!


I for one welcome our ex-pat Welsh overlords.


As you should.


It’s interesting to see “It” at least potentially on the way to big success, while the Dark Tower fell apart.

Stephen King adaptations are always surprisingly tricky.


“It” is basically a slam dunk. It’s Stand By Me with a killer clown set in the 80s. You really have to work hard to screw that up.