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I’m sure it’s on Channel 4. :wink:


It’s actually on Chanel No. 5.


There isn’t any Hulu in the UK unless you want to get into a lot of VPN fudgerypokery. I wonder if Disney are going to look to launch it over here as well as Disney+. Presumably whatever is on Hulu in the US that is worth anybody’s time is being streamed in the UK by some other service already.


I have Hulu. Its interface is an absolute mess compared to Netflix. It cost a dollar for a year and is primarily a Curious George delivery service for my toddler.


Which Tarkovsky, out of interest?


Yes I suspect that the key point. Looking at what is on offer most of it looks to be already sold to other services. What’s left probably isn’t worth launching.

The UK has an open tender law for rights for shows (import and export), they basically have to bid, which is why Sky for example don’t get all Fox content and you’ll find BBC’s foreign channels don’t always get their shows. However I don’t know how that works practically now for streaming because the internet can be its own beast when things are hosted offshore.



In the US, Hulu is now free with Spotify Premium.

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They’ve said that’s the plan, but it’s very long-term. I hope it doesn’t stop them selling shows internationally until they’re ready to launch.


A bunch of the US cable networks have deals where UK networks get all their shows (or at least first refusal). Showtime and HBO go to Sky Atlantic, and FX go to BBC2 (What We Do in the Shadows starts this weekend).

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I know they have to open tender because Richard Bacon did a show some years back at the international TV trade show detailing how it all worked. First refusal is not allowed.

However what I think probably can work in that scenario would be bundling. If Sky’s hookup for all HBO output was open to be outbid then it would comply. Nobody would outbid them anyway because Sky have more money than any of the other broadcasters. In that way you could view it like sports rights where everything is bought in packages rather than individual games or teams.

(Sky Atlantic also co-produce a chunk of HBO stuff which is another method, they partially own it).

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Yeah, the exception to the HBO stuff is the shows they co-produce with the BBC, like Gentleman Jack.

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My house hold (not me but the household)


  1. Our Planet watched
  2. The Perfect Date watched
  3. The Highwaymen
  4. The Silence
  5. Black Summer
  6. After Life watched
  7. The Spy Who Dumped Mewatched
  8. Riverdalewatched
  9. Chilling Adventures of Sabrinawatched
  10. You vs. Wildwatched

TV Series:

  1. Black Summer
  2. After Lifewatched
  3. Riverdalewatched
  4. Chilling Adventures of Sabrinawatched
  5. Star Trek: Discoverywatched
  6. Lunatics
  7. Bodyguard
  8. Santa Clarita Dietwatched
  9. Bondingwatched
  10. Brooklyn Nine-Ninewatched


  1. The Perfect Datewatched
  2. The Highwaymen
  3. The Silence
  4. The Spy Who Dumped Mewatched
  5. Someone Great
  6. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
  7. Baywatchwatched
  8. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2watched
  9. Sniper: Ultimate Kill
  10. Sicario: Day of the Soldado

mmm so not to bad I guess


John Wick 3 opened to $57M, almost double what John Wick 2 did, which was double what the original did.

It’s also made $92M foreign, more than the second one made in its entire run.


That’s nice… glad to see it doing better than the previous ones… it’s a neat new little franchise, it deserves to do well.



Gasp It’s the new Death Star plans!


Rank Title Studio Worldwide Domestic / % Overseas / % Year^
1 Avatar Fox $2,788.0 $760.5 27.3% $2,027.5 72.7% 2009^
2 Avengers: Endgame BV $2,616.9 $771.4 29.5% $1,845.5 70.5% 201

It’s getting mighty close.


Booo. Freaky 3D blue-alien sex >>>>> Steve Rogers, who possibly doesn’t have a penis at all, slow dancing in a sepia toned room to Lawrence Welk.

We used to be cool.


Would you go home to yer ma, yer embarrassing yourself and more importantly, us.


It’ll probably get a bit of a bump when Spider-Man: Far From Home comes out, so there’s still a decent shot.