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Bread and butter and sausage, usually. Maybe with a dash of mustard.


I hate this attitude and these kinds of youtube videos. I’m glad the Guardian published this.


I couldn’t agree more.


CinemaSins aren’t meant to be serious criticisms though…in fact, the intro video to the channel admits that up front. Seems like an overreaction.


There’s "not serious " and “not paying attention”.

It’s like the satirical news sites, there are a lot of them, but most of them are not as good as The Onion.

If you’re going to do this stuff (satire or comedy of any sort) and you’re not good at it you will get flack for that.

As Cinema Sins is now getting.


The article singles them out but refers to the whole “everything wrong with…” genre, which is far from just them.


They’ve not paid attention about 90% of the time, so it’s pretty much deliberate in order to add more “dings” in their videos.

I don’t even like CinemaSins, I find their videos annoying, but flak for this stuff is just silly.


This may be my favorite line in the piece.

And then, in conclusion, he [the director of Kong: Skull Island] compared CinemaSins to Donald Trump and said the video made him want to “hammer a nail through my dick”.


Again, silly.


I dunno. Some threads here have made me want to hammer a nail through my dick.




I generally find the Cinemasins videos pretty funny, some of their criticism is pretty accurate but first and foremost they’re a comedy channel and not meant to be taken to heart. If the director can’t accept that then he probably shouldn’t be watching the video.

Lorcan and I are meeting up at the Grand Canyon again next month. The safe word is “I hate you, @Lorcan_Nagle.”


There’s also ‘not funny’, which if they aren’t serious negates the point of their existence.

I do get Tom’s point that maybe we are attributing too much importance to them but in the main it is lazy nonsense and can be applied to everything the level of pedantry they go down to. Give me your favoruite film ever and I could rip it apart in just the same way.


It’s also a two-fold issue. One being that yeah, primarily comedy and even MST3k cut around stuff in order to make a joke, and that Youtube’s new monetary system means that videos need to be longer - so channels like CinemaSins need to find ways to stretch for time.

Hell, CinemaSins ripped into Stargate - one of my favorite films. It wasn’t a good ripping apart, but I’m still defending them here


Yeah the videos can definitely stretch on and with the better films the videos are rarely as funny and you can see them struggling. A lot of times, I just won’t watch the videos for films I really like because I know the jokes won’t land for me.


I won’t as there are an infinite number of better things to do with your time.


I mean, that’s true for almost every Youtube comedy channel. That’s why I feel like all of this for this particular is like picking on the slowest kid at fat camp.


Not if they are funny, anything that makes you laugh is always worthwhile.

I mean I saw Skull Island and I quite liked it. It was fun but not great,I have no real vested interest or would get upset if someone else didn’t. It’s just by going to that analytical level I find it hard to imagine anyone,even those who hated it, are guffawing all the way home at insights like ‘they are playing obligatory Vietnam era music’ in the Vietnam era or he doesn’t avoid a tree being thrown at him without warning at great speed.


I don’t like CinemaSins, but apparently Rory does, and hell…someone has to find Honest Trailers funny as well. Stuff like that is honestly their bread and butter, and really stuff like “obligatory blank” or “city, state” dings are their catchphrases.

But yeah, this was the back that broke the straw here? It’s ridiculous.


By that measure I should keep watching them as they’re are a good use of my time since most of them make me laugh.