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Wow this Netflix Disney thing kinda makes me think of the video game splintering after Steam’s success (or the mp3 distribution services after iTunes, I suppose)… I think that much like Steam or iTunes, Netflix has become too big to compete against… so I’m not sure it’s a good idea. I really hope there’s a one stop shop at some point, where you only need ONE subscription to access everything, but that might be a bit of a pipe dream =(


The one stop shop is a simple thing to implement. I just got Xfinity from Comcast, I speak a TV show into my remote and it’ll give me options to view it - either record upcoming shows, watch on deand thru cable, pay for a download or watch on Netflix. Like with the Roku it won’t be long before Amazon is listed on there too, and Hulu and everything else.

I think it’s ok that we start paying for streaming service by provider rather than paying one rate for cable. It gives us choice on who we want to buy from. It’ll be pretty convenient and I expect low cost. I’ll certainly be buying the Disney package.

These companies are still figuring out how to market their products - HBO just allowed streaming without buying cable, and soon they might figure out that selling individual episodes for $1 each is the next step (that’d kill pirating). You have to build a model that fits the market, not the other way around. Comics have to go in this direction too sometime soon - Marvel Unlimited moving up to be day of release digital content rather than 6 months later for example.


Not really :smile:

The best way to, not kill, but put a huge dent in piracy is to do this “one stop shop” thing, for an affordable price. But I do mean, a truly one stop shop, where you could say watch new (not with a year delay) episodes of GoT, Preacher, American Gods, the WB silly stuff, etc… Again, sort of like Steam and Comixology for vgs & comicbooks.


That’s what Amazon Prime is. Piracy is inconvenient - clicking a button while in front of the TV with your pants unbuckled is convenient.


That’s… what exactly are we talking about watching here?


You really don’t want to know…


A spotify for tv and movies would be amazing…I’d pay for that. From what I gather netflix just gives a tiny sliver of what people want, it’s not like there are a lot of people who only watch netflix if I’m correct, while spotify has almost all the music anyone would want.


The music companies all learned that centralized distribution was the only method. Same for TV - it’s the same companies after all. They might have their own streaming or interfaces or individual show charges, but like Visa or Paypal or Amazon they’ll find a common hub to conduct the transaction for a nominal fee. Or they’ll make one. It’s just going to take some time as the stream wars are in full tilt right now.


Which is fine if you set out with a viewing agenda. A lot of people don’t, they fire up the PC or TV and flick through the options.


Are you suggesting they couldn’t do that on my service? I mean everyone has that so I have no idea where you’re coming from.


I would hope that they could - that’s what I suggested would be a “killer app” or service upthread.

I’m not aware of one existing yet though ,even though there are 3 subscription based streaming providers here, plus a legit streaming site (with ads) for each major TV network.

If I wanted to see what documentaries are available for me to watch right now for example I’d have to separately access 7 different apps or websites and navigate to their documentaries section instead of having a consolidated single (cross-platform) view.


The voice command thing lets you keyword search, find something and see similar items, track what else individual cast members have been in, see what else the director has done - that kind of thing. It’s handy - I like my historical fiction so it’s good for finding new series that I hadn’t heard off or forgot about (just finished Marco Polo, I gave the Borgias a try but didn’t like it and now I’m watching Deadwood, which isn’t as good as it should be).

The point being folks are complaining about many stream services but it similar to how cable packages are done today. Folks were ok opting for HBO or Stars or Cinemax or Showtime separately. This is more of the same.


Looks like they read your post. I see today that in Malaysia they have teamed up with the biggest ISP to offer a bundle to all subscribers, unlimited viewing even if their package has a quota. As well as adding hundreds of Bollywood titles that are really popular here. Starts in October.

Over a year in they seem to have kicked off their marketing strategy at least for this country. .


Have you been getting typing lessons from Donald Trump? :smile:


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He’s not wrong. Deadwood’s seasons tended to be an inverted bell curve. The first and last three episodes were brilliant but the middle six tended to be a slog to get through and often felt like filler. The end of the seasons were just so amazing that you usually forgot about that.




I rest my case. :smile: