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Well Shang Chi sure as shit ain’t gonna be gay, so I guess they’ll need to find another SH… :smile:


They’re saying the lead in Eternals in that story.


What strikes me about CM, the movie is so far more successful outside US, than in its homeland, which is where my take it’d earn most of the money. Like with Black Panther.


Nah, that’s Aquaman you’re talking about.

Captain Marvel is just a pretty good, somewhat generic but competently made superhero movie.


It’s interesting to see how a gay superhero would do in Russian or Chinese cinemas. Chinese media ban all LGBT content. (And all other “abnormal” sexual content.)



So, how many days did that take to beat Justice League?


I think it just passed 600 million on Friday (I think) so probably 8 or 9 days?


Why do people say that like it’s some sort of accomplishment? :smile:


Biggest, most iconic superheroes in the world in a big budget film. It’s less about the movie itself, as what it represented before the post-80s superhero films and how the reality of that played out.


So, how many days did that take to beat Doctor Strange?


Well, look who’s trying to return from the dead!

MoviePass Has a Whole New Plan to Make Money

In its word salad of a press release, Helios and Matheson said it wouldn’t need to rely on movie studios and theater operators to make money anymore. Through some alchemy of synergy between its different arms, MoviePass will make its own movies, promote them to subscribers who will go see them, and the money will flow into its coffers.

The gaping hole in MoviePass’ new business model is that in spite of the fact that it supposedly still has 3.2 million subscribers (a questionable figure in light of the earnings restatement discussed below), there’s no guarantee any of them will want to see a movie it makes. They certainly haven’t run out to see those it previously backed.

Details on the staging page indicated the unlimited plan would be available to new subscribers for a limited time for any 2D movie.

But there’s a catch: In a clear move to limit power users, MoviePass said it would restrict subscribers’ choices in response to what it deems “excessive individual usage.”

For further explanation of what that means, MoviePass pointed to a section in its terms of use:



Utter bullshit. I’m assuming you haven’t read the comics.


But he was meant to be a knock-off of Bruce Lee and other Kung Fu franchises of the time (with one of them literally being Kung Fu). Marvel’s MO at the time was to look at what was popular and try to make their own version of it.


I think that’s still their MO. :wink:


Discount Bruce Lee can still be great!

All marvel needs to do is make an awesome martial arts movie with a sprinkle of superhero magic. It could be great.


Whereas I’m afraid of them doing the opposite and they make a full-on superhero film with a sprinkling of kung fu.

One of the worst parts of superheroes being the most popular film genre in the world is that popular films try to emulate the style. So a year or two ago, I saw Bleeding Steel in the cinema. It’s a Jackie Chan movie that’s dominated by some full-on invincible sci-fi supervillain. It was pretty sad to see that Jackie Chan flavour be watered down and overpowered by something a lot more generic.


That may be, but it quickly moved past that in the comics and into a much more mystical, spy world. That’s why I brought up the actual comics as although the idea may have been to do a Bruce Lee style character, Shang Chi actually became more nuanced than any of Bruce Lee’s actual on screen characters, so saying he’s discount Bruce Lee is utter bollocks imo. It’s a disservice to the people Marvel sat down and said, “We need a Bruce Lee,” and then turned it into a thrilling wee adventure comic with a fantastic and original art style. Most characters have a source to draw inspiration from, Batman from Zorro movies for instance, but the surface idea becomes much more than just a knock off as the character is built on.

I know I get a wee bit uppity sometimes in these cases but I really feel that if someone is given plastic lemons and makes actual lemonade they should be applauded rather than having their efforts be dissmissed as a ‘bargain’ version on the basis of why the character was commissioned or created.