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Having just watched Aquaman, which shares a lot of stuff with BP, I can definetly say that yes, it was disproportionate… :smile:


The big question is which representation box Disney will next seek to tick. They’d be foolish to deviate from this patten at this point.


Alita could reach the $500 Mil mark internationally, but not likely. It’s at ~384 now.

Considering it’s earned double the estimate of its production costs, do you think that is enough profit for the studio to green-light a second and third movie? It’s Fox…


We already know… the asian market with Shang Chi (which I still think is a stupid, stupid idea).


Wouldn’t it go to Disney soon? 'Cause there’s a good chance Disney might want to keep that franchise afloat.


Are you alluding to something I’ve missed? Why would Disney want to keep that franchise alive any more than Fox would?


Well, first of all 'cause they have the money to take the hit. And secondly because it’s exactly the type of franchise they are doing right now… why wouldn’t they keep it alive? Strong young female hero (read: Disney princess, in case it wasn’t obvious) with a strong connection to the asian markets? It’d be stupid to let it die (or to let it go).


In short it’s down to Cameron. It’ll be Disney soon and they won’t want it, but he might have the right to take the franchise elsewhere, or use it elsewhere like in streaming. Kingsman is in a similar spot and Matthew can do all sorts of things with the brand.


It could be great. It could be everything Iron Fist wasn’t. A sharp, funny wire fu movie with Marvel production values and a super fun cast would be a great night out at the movies. I’d have preferred they pick a action director, but Marvel have a really good hit rate. I don’t think it’s stupid at all.

I also think they’re going to do a Nextwave movie with Photon leading a rag tag group of worldwide characters.


I guess that settles it.

Alita 2, 3, 4 etc up to 12 and the spin-offs Motorball 1, 2 & 3 will be filmed back to back on Mars, with release expected as soon as the audience have been fitted with sufficient implants to view the film in the appropriate 16K 360° 4D VR. Release expected around 2054.


What makes you think that? I honestly think it’s completely in Disney’s ballpark, like EXACTLY the kind of thing they’d want to produce… :smile:

Edit: Mind you, I hope you’re right 'cause fuck Dinsey… but still…

Eh… I’m sorry to any fans of the character, but he’s just discount Bruce Lee… Plus the idea is rather pedestrian when compared to all the recent output… They’re already risking it with the Black Widow flick.

That has a better shot, for sure. Although, again, and I know I’m like a broken record, but they’re totally missing the ball by not doing an Agents of ATLAS flick… that’d fill the same boxes as a Sang Chi, and more, specially now that GotG’s on shaky ground.


Shang Chi > Bruce Lee

Much like

Superman > Hulk Hogan


More like Bruce Lee > everyone… :smile:

(except Thanos, of course)


Shang Chi > Bruce Lee > Everyone Else > Me.


I watched 30 minutes of Alita this week (snuck in before Captain Marvel started). I enjoyed it, was really impressed with that cyborg world they built up. I don’t think it’ll ever be mainstream - the box office is about what I’d expect, so I think Cameron would be wiser to go with Netflix or Amazon and make series out of it. Those folks aren’t afraid of $10 million an episode and I think you’d get a better story and world building in a TV setting.


GComparing a real life actor to a fictional character is kinda fruitless. It’s like comparing the Rock to the Hulk. I mean…why?

Marvel making a superhero Kung fu movie could be cool. It could suck, but I suspect it will at least be fairly good. Marvel making a superhero spy movie with Widow could be cool, too. I like when Marvel takes a genre that may be a bit niche for many audiences and just kinda Marvels it up to make it a bit more palatable and colorful. A superhero ninja movie sounds great to me, I don’t understand why anyone would be against it. As long as the fight choreography is good and the lead is somewhat compelling, it sounds like a slam dunk.


Disney aren’t going to invest a billion in a franchise that’ll move toys, theme parks and merchandise if they have to pay James Cameron 10% of every sale. Some franchises are big enough to demand that (Harry Potter, maybe Avatar). Alita just doesn’t make good business sense for them.


Oh are the rights totally tied to Cameron? I thought Fox owned the rights… u_u


Rights are complex, but I’m guessing Fox (now Disney) own distribution rights only. Someone like Cameron isn’t building franchises for other people.


Co-produced with Landau, as always…