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I think it matters because superhero films are the dominant genre for now. Horror isn’t. Rom-coms aren’t. So you have a weekly cinema schedule dominated by male-led pictures.

(Horror’s historically different too because often they’re still very “male-gaze” driven; we get the girl in her underwear or sleepwear, we get the girl in wet clothes, etc.)


Yeah I like Red Letter a lot because they go in wanting to like the films they review, the love for movies is really there, but they always have good reasons to dislike something and put them across well, and although I don’t agree with them all the time (nor them with each other) I like that they can seperate the technical and analytical stuff from their personal opinions and be clear explaining themselves and always bring up at least one or two points I hadn’t thought of.


Not sure about now, but at the time Supergirl came out we had one in four. 25%.

I suspect we’ve gone backwards since the 70s/80s.

Though actually I’ve always known that :wink:


Er… :confused:


Not within the Captain Marvel movie.


Captain Marvel is coming after a two-month dry spell in cinemas and is being sold as a set-up to one of the most anticipated movies of all time. Quality aside, gender aside, the success seems obvious (I think in the prediction thread a few months ago I pegged it for a billion+). Although I think some women are checking it out just because of the lead and some people because it’s sort of a water cooler movie at this point.

I actually never saw Brie Larson’s comments until watching this. It was a fairly weird thing to say on her part. There was a good point in there but it’s weird that she’s the one to say it and about this movie. I think in her shoes I would be careful about saying anything about white men like that? Because there are people out there who have called out the fact that the “first Marvel woman superhero” is a skinny white blonde woman, and they’re not exactly wrong.


It’s a pretty shit business all round when the main point of discussion around a superhero movie becomes about deciding which discriminated-against minorities are most oppressed by not being represented by the lead actor.

Unfortunately I think both Disney and their audiences have to shoulder some responsibility for this - as much as Disney obviously want to push that angle and make that kind of noise around the film, it’s clear that it’s working in no small part because fans also want to talk about it (as this thread proves).


I think Black Panther threaded the needle fairly nicely, once people actually saw the film. The great thing about it, and something I think resonated with people, is that not only was the cast 99% black but they reflected a wide range of characters and diversity within the African and African American communities, that was both tied in deeply to their ethnicity, and also greater than it.

And that movie also did such a great job with the women. The “woman shits on the incompetent men around her all movie” trope is sort of a shorthand for “feminism” in movies, which at this point I find rather lazy and reductive, but in Black Panther this was baked organically into the sibling relationship, among others, and the acting was at a high level. Chadwick played it nicely as if getting shit from them was a sign of affection, and in many ways that movie showed an idealistic equality of the sexes that is very rare in cinema.


That’s true, and holds for several female characters in that movie too. I hadn’t ever really thought about it specifically in that way - possibly because it’s so natural as presented in the film.


Black Panther is simply a better made movie. Better script, better direction, better performances.

It feels like the MCU brand earns a movie a long amount of rope. If Captain Marvel has come out as a stand alone movie based on a indie franchise it’d be seen as a pretty generic, confused, contrived, terrible movie. The link with the larger MCU instead lets fans enjoy seeing familiar character return and figure out how the movie fits into the bigger story. It’s impressive that Disney have made almost criticism proof movies. And audiences won’t see the movie as a separate thing. Star Wars clearly tries to do the same, but I wonder if there’s a concern that one bad apple could ruin the whole brand.


The movie is still successful and it isn’t bad enough to lessen enthusiasm for Endgame, let alone the Spider-Man movie. Beyond that remains a bit of a mystery but it would take a lot more than this to ruin the whole brand.


I’ve found it to be fodder for the chattering industry. Internet, talk radio, news and opinion websites, that kind of stuff. First woman superhero is often repeated. Something for girls. Another Black Panther moment.


I wonder if things might tail off a little bit after Endgame. Certainly I think it’ll be a while before they have an Infinity War/Endgame-level hit again.

I’ve mentioned it before but personally Infinity War marked the end of my previously fairly high level of enthusiasm for the MCU movies, although I still enjoyed it. I just feel like there’s not that much new to see there any more.

I feel like I should maybe at least try and see Ant-Man 2 and Captain Marvel before Endgame just so I’m up to date, but I don’t know if I’ll get a chance to do that. The close release dates mean I’d have to see Captain Marvel at the cinema and I don’t know if that’s going to happen.


I though Star Wars would be immune, but the prequels did their damage and the new movies are seeing finishing returns and not moving merchandise. These brands feel indestructible but they’re not. Just takes the right set of circumstances.

Disney are wise to rest the brand for a year.


The women in Black Panther were far and away the best part of it for me. I’d say they were easily the best female characters that the MCU has given us.




I’m not helping any cause here but in this instance I don’t care…


That was part of Black Panther’s success but not all. Look at how it performed in Asia compared to other MCU films.


People liked Black Panther, they didn’t just approve of it politically, they enjoyed it.

All sorts of people.


Can we at least agree that the Black Panther box office was disproportionate compared to where the quality was and the historical trend of the Marvel movies? And that it looks like Captain Marvel is about to do the same thing?