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In a broad sense, though I’d say feeling marginalized more than actually being marginalized. I’m talking specifically about being marginalized by a structural power.


Are you saying it’s psychological?

I completely agree and I was arguing the same but whether you have been marginalized or not doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to view Disney’s ethics differently, is just what I wanted to throw in.


Feeling marginalized if you’re not actually being marginalized is something else entirely.

*coughs ‘bullshit’ loudly.


True. I don’t think anyone is really defending or praising Disney though, which is why I keep getting stuck on the “creating the disease” part.


The mouse will die, his snapped neck betwixt Jim’s fingers as Mickey chokes out a final blood spattered, “Oh boy!” before finally the bright light in his eyes gives way to the piercing evil red hidden behind the facade, just for a second, as his lifeless, half naked, yellow-shoed body goes limp.

*I’ll take care of that cunt, Goofy


I think the great majority of people in the world are some ways marginalized. If you see women as marginalized that is already over 50 %.

Women, ethnic minorities, religious minorities, disabled people, groups with sexual preferences that are seen as different from the norm, political groups that are seen as undesirable, poor people, mentally ill people, obese people, deformed people, chronically ill people, people from abusive households, people who are socially isolated, people with jobs or preferences or from social castes that are looked down upon, all may face obstacles that may be ill understood by others and that cause them to fall outside the mainstream, or become victimized in some way. If you count the people that face no adverstiy because of their identity or genetics or general lot in life I think you end up with less than 5 %.


Pretty much, although it’s not a black and white issue (not a pun) there are many different levels, so even though some people could feel marginalized, they are not anywhere near as marginalized as others and sometimes marginalization isn’t a major issue in someone’s life, so while they jump to feel that way they may not be feeling any detrimental real life effects.


Well I don’t know about defending, but they’ve gotten enough praise recently. Also, yes, historically Disney has been a rather big contributor to that “disease” even though they weren’t the only ones, but it’s a larger and more complex issue of course.

Anyways, these days, I blame the “media” more than anyone else. It’s very obvious that there is a “feminism industry” (as much as there’s a “racism industry”) that they have largely created in order to generate revenue, and of course, a lot of coroporations are riding along… and they’re all damaging the social tissue quite badly in the process.


Do you think there was a “white industry” or “patriarchal industry” before this?


You don’t have to be a thing to have sympathy and empathy about a thing.

The cognitive disconnect is amazing. “There’s been no superhero girls movies”. It’s not like Disney have been a fucking movie studio for the past 100 years.

And of course there have been girl superhero movies. But Disney have to lie to make girls feel worse about themselves so they can feel better about Captain Marvel.


Where has the marketing been “There’s been no superhero girl movies”? Where has the “lie” been? Captain Marvel has been marketed as an empowered woman fighting back against a lifetime of being pushed down. The film has been marketed as the first female-led movie in the MCU. Most of the stories I’ve seen have focused on the fact that it’s taken Marvel 20 movies to get to this point and that DC beat them to it with Wonder Woman. It feels like we’ve gone from “They’re going to try and sell this as the first female superhero movie” to “They’re selling this as the first female superhero movie” without any evidence that they’re actually doing that (and plenty to the contrary).

“If we ignore “Elektra” (2005), which isn’t hard to do, this is the first film to be fronted by a woman in the male-infested galaxy of Marvel” - The New Yorker

“This has probably never been more true than it is for Captain Marvel — the 21st entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the first Marvel film to feature a woman front and centre.” - The Toronto Sun

“It’s finally here: the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a female superhero at its center and a woman serving as a co-director and writer. These are unprecedented, exciting and long overdue achievements all around within a pop-culture powerhouse that’s long been dominated by male stories and storytellers.” -

“As the first first woman-led superhero epic from the Marvel Cinematic Universe…” - Rolling Stone

“Captain Marvel may be the first solo female superhero to get her own Marvel Cinematic Universe movie — but she won’t be the last.” - Entertainment Weekly

Obviously they’re promoting the movie as a BIG DEAL because they want it to be successful, but I don’t see what’s been dishonest about the marketing of the film.


If you close you eyes you’ll never see anything.


Feel free to actually show me something, rather than being condescending and dismissive. Or, you know, just continue doing the latter.


I genuinely think that marketing make up is the exact same only one seems to have made a lot of people happier than the other. I see where you’re coming from but I think the bad is outweighed by the creative good of the actual thing being marketed.

I don’t think we are going to change each others minds, on this, I believe marketing is a necessary evil and don’t believe anyone involved on a creative level should be held accountable for the business side of what they have made. Disney pay the bills, creators just want to create. It’s always been this way and even if you split independently you need to align yourself with big companies who will sell the shit out of it anyway they can.


It’s not worth the bother mate. I’ve been making points all day and other days but you’re not going to acknowledge any of them.


You can promote your product without tearing down your audience. Remember Hillary? I’m with her - look at me, I’m a lady, ladies have it tough so vote for me as I’m your sister sista!!! Ham fisted emotional appeal.

Loads of movies manage to promote themselves without ‘I’m a lady’ as part of the code message. Like Dark Phoenix. Disney are leading with identity politics, and there was no need to. They’ve monetized social justice.


I haven’t seen Captain Marvel yet but plan on it soon. Is it worth the wait? Does it plug into End Game neatly? Any after credit scenes? No spoilers please or I’ll ban you for life. :wink:


Go. Enjoy. Turn your brain off and get Skrully.


Probably too neatly, to be honest. The teaser scenes are best when they tease more than show, imo.


That’s what I like to hear.

Also curious to hear what my nieces think about it when they see it. They love superhero stuff and the youngest is really into Wonder Woman.