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Really? My sister was into it when we were kids. It was a bit like She-Ra back then.

I’m glad there is this touch-point for women and young girls. I just get tired of all of the fighting around it and wish we could all just enjoy it together.


Even She-Ra seemed disinteresting, and I was happy to spend time with girls at that age. My cousin was the only girl with any She-Ra toys. Even geek girls I began meeting in my early 20s tended to only have ever had any interest because their father did.

*Or as I’m sort of saying, maybe they did but didn’t feel comfortable enough to say or be comfortable with it.


Finally got around to reading this article. It sounds more like Mike Leigh (honestly hadn’t heard of him before this) has a film to promote. :wink:


I think there’s a point being missed. In order to sell themselves as the cure Disney are first selling the disease. That’s the problem here. They’re telling girls that the world thinks less of them. That they’re not worthwhile. That they’re lesser. But look at Disney, going against the grain.

Can you imagine having some entertainment giant first tell you you’re less of a person, and that’s why you didn’t have your own franchise? Imagine that gut punch landing first before you choose to celebrate Disney claiming they’re making it all better.

They don’t tell girls Disney themselves have chosen not to make any girl lead adventure movies in their long history. Nor do they tell them that superheroes have long been a boys property and Disney bought Marvel to target boys because they had Disney princesses for girls. Nor will they remind them of all the strong female led movies there’s been over the years. They sell their version of reality, the one that make them more profit, and people believe it like it’s snake oil.

Then people cheer Disney for their victory and courage, without realizing Disney are fucking responsible for creating the situation and selling the lies in the first place.

There’s money being made in outrage and victim culture. There are people clearly selling the idea of unfairness because they can profit if they do so. I wish more people asked questions about this behavior, rather than joining in.


All of society for the last forever years is responsible for selling that narrative, though. Not just Disney.

I don’t think Disney is some great champion here. But they made a movie with a female superhero lead and people seem to be enjoying it. So I guess I’m also non-plussed with the marketing (I’ve basically not paid any attention to it so I don’t know what it’s been like).


Anyone who has read any women’s magazine ever will be familiar with the relationship between simultaneously trying to make your audience feel worse and somehow lesser, while also selling them the thing that is going to make them feel better.


See also pretty much every advertisement ever.


I guess they shouldn’t be honest then, because internationally, that is a true statement.

Yes, it’s incredibly cynical marketing, but you can’t seriously believe this is simply a narrative Disney came up with on their own? The international women’s rights charter was only signed in 1979. Anette Benning was 21. There is no disease that has been formulated, there are girls and woman in the world that get treated like second class citizens and as much as we here are forward thinking and treat women equally, that just simply isn’t the case in a lot of places. This movie is being released in Saudi Arabia, a place where women only recently were allowed to drive!


They didn’t invent or instigate the social trend, they’re just riding it.


It’s true in the US too. Women get paid less than men. Just look at the US women’s soccer team. They’re far superior to the US men’s soccer team (and much more famous) but get paid substantially less. They’re suing because of it. The world has historically treated women as less than. Things are trending for the better, but we’ve still got a ways to go.


Like all marketing ever.


Disney are horrible in many, many, many ways.

But I think in a world where it takes two months of adverts to convince the world that it’s traditional to buy the person you are going to marry a diamond ring for most of your wages, a narrative that women should be equal to men isn’t such a bad one. There’s far worse shit those cunts are pulling that people ignore.

They’ve also been selling the women are as good as men narrative in cartoons like Brave and Moana and others the whole time men have been centre stage in their superhero movies long before the SJW push.

Compared to something like the wholesale destruction of copyright law, I really don’t feel this is near the worst thing Disney are doing, there are actual positive results that will come from Captain Marvel no matter what way they spin it.


If it’s all Disney them why was Wonder Woman a big deal? Why have the same issues been showing up in comics since at least the Burnside Batgirl and Chelsea Cain Mockingbird stuff got attacked?


By the end of its first week (or less), film finance executives are saying that Captain Marvel will hit $750M global-plus (even if it’s front-loaded) and pass break-even in its theatrical cycle based off combined net production and global marketing costs of $300M.


Wonder Woman, by comparison, ended up:

Total Lifetime Grosses

Domestic: $412,563,408 50.2%
+ Foreign: $409,283,604 49.8%
= Worldwide: $821,847,012


The comics are a separate discussion, and it matters with Disney because they are the industry leader. Wonder Woman is a bit different as it came out after the Trump election and it was fairly timing based.

I don’t have a ton more to add to this discussion, I am probably just a lot more cynical about major corporations than many here. I am happy for the people who liked the film. My mom saw it twice in one day!

Edit- this was in response to Monk.


It still boggles my mind that movies about Black Panther and Captain Marvel and Aquaman are crushing stuff like Justice League at the box office.

I’m very curious as to how Shazam will fare. It looks fun, but maybe it could come off a little too goofy to general audiences? I honestly haven’t the slightest idea what to expect from that one. But if I had to take a guess I’d say somewhere around a $50 million opening weekend for no real reason other than I don’t think it’ll open as big as Aquaman.


While I don’t plan on seeing Shazam, I think it has the potential to be a great kid’s movie. Marvel movies do tend to skew a tad older but I think Shazam could get younger kids excited. This is also a movie I could see on constant loops with kids when it gets its home release.


With how many superhero films there are in such a narrow window, I wonder if Shazam will be the skippable/watch it at home movie (especially since I can’t see that being Endgame or Spider-Man).


They didn’t need to invent it. But they’ve just spent $100 million promoting it. After being part of the cause for the last couple of generations.

I just don’t get people cheering Disney as champions of social justice. They’re not. At all. They’re trying to sell you shit, and telling you the world is worse than it really is in the selling. That’s what politicians, con men and crooks do (I said the same thing three times).


This woman is a super-powered Kree soldier??? :open_mouth: :scream: