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Yeah, that’s pretty much what I thought, thanks for elaborating from a more inside perspective!


The best thing about Captain Marvel’s success is that the internet trolls will just have to shut the fuck up now.


This is the most naive thing I’ve read in a long while.


I assumed it was sarcasm.




The trailers before my Captain Marvel screening were all comic book movies, which I think is a first for me at least. Oh, hey, it’s Hellboy. Oh, hey, it’s Spider-Man. Oh, hey, it’s the X-Men. Oh, hey, it’s the Avengers. Oh, hey, it’s Captain Marvel (Other). I felt exhausted just trying to figure out how I would find time to watch all these things.


I admire Disney’s ability to monetize social justice.


Yeah, it’s certainly not that they made a movie that appeals to a wider audience.


Wider than their other movies??


Potentially, yes. I was listening to a review today by a woman who said she’s not into comics and has only seen a couple of the MCU movies, but connected with Captain Marvel because she identified with the character. Some people attribute that to “SJWs” but it’s really just seeing something more appealing in one of a few woman-led superhero movies (or majority black in the case of BP) that you don’t see in the dozens of other superhero movies out there.


Besides, in the studio system, those directors could end up making a hundred movies in their careers. It’s only gotten harder every decade to make movies except electronic media has made it easier for the movies that do get made - even the lowest budget ones - to get seen.


Exactly. Some people don’t even realise they might like superhero films until they can see something closer to themselves on screen. Most of us here are white guys; we’ve long been well catered for despite not being an absolute majority.

I’m glad it’s done well financially, even if it’s seemingly not great. If anything that proves the point more fully; a woman-led cape film shouldn’t need to be great to succeed (the standard shouldn’t be higher than for Dr. Strange or Ant-Man or whatever).


I’ve always had problems with that assertion. I mean, it might just be me, but I don’t go into a movie looking for somthing close to me… or looking to relate to the characters… it’s like, why would I even want that? I live my own life every day… I want to see something different… I mean, it’s called escapism for a reason :smile:

But again, it might just be me… =/


People talk like there’s never been any woman in the Marvel movies. Or never been any women superhero movies.

You know what’s sad? Supergirl came out 35 years ago and it was a perfectly normal movie release. Captain Marvel comes out this weekend and it’s a cultural moment for women. Somehow we’ve gone from women led movies being routine to being something special, and everyone is being sold that that’s some kind of progress.

Disney created the disease, then they sell the cure, and they’re praised for being such an incredible medical wonder. This era is fucked up.


It was never routine. Disney didn’t create Ike Perlmutter arguing against female-led films because he claimed Catwoman and Elektra proved they would flop. The numbers are the numbers and female superhero films are a rarity, when if you go back and include all of them from the last four decades.


I’ll just be happy if they stop saying “Get woke, go broke.”


I don’t think Jim is arguing that. He’s saying that at one point it was considered not that big a deal to have a superhero property led by a woman (don’t forget at that point there were only a few such properties—the Reeves films, the Supergirl film, the Hulk TV show, the Wonder Woman TV show, a few cartoons with multi-gender casts). Now it’s considered a major deal, a novelty almost. I don’t know if that is progressive or regressive.

His point about Disney is sound. These are the people who took a decade to make a superhero movie about a woman, even excluding the Wasp from the Avengers movies—after the big three who is more “Avengers” than Janet Van Dyne?—and are now claiming to be at the fore of social justice. It’s just weird. There was no big deal made of Catwoman or Elektra either—the only reason it’s a big deal now to have a woman superhero is because Disney spent a decade telling us they should only be men.

That said, the movie is out, it’s decent, people like it, at this stage I don’t see the point in making a big fuss about it either way.


It’s kind of funny how the conversation has gone this way for Captain Marvel, in a way that it didn’t for Black Panther. They’re both quite similar cases as far as I can see.

I wonder if there’s a sense of having seen this poltical posturing on Disney’s part play out once before, and realising a bit more quickly the second time around how cynical it all is, and how they’re clearly trying to stick to the same model that made them so much money last time.

(I also wonder if people are a bit less worried about the risk of appearing not to be 100% on-board politically with a film led by a female hero, as opposed to one led by a predominantly black cast and director.)


I’m just going to put this out here as I have in another thread. SJWs or marketing ploys or not, I can tell you how many girls in school liked or were interested in the Supergirl movie. None. Same with Catwoman, same with Elektra. Women weren’t interested in those movies…

Or were they? How the fuck could we ever know.

We, here, are all geeks who grew up last century where we did not get the type of movies we wanted. We got, for the most part, b-movie geek schlock. Comics was probably the only place where you got the sort of dedication to character it takes to really draw you in and become a fan, but the majority of people looked at us as outcasts. Imagine feeling that and being a girl.

So fuck about the marketing, so fuck about the past female fronted movies years ago. Marketers gonna market and old movies are old movies. Us male geeks had our moment in the sun, the complete vindication when the world jumped on board after Iron Man. I think it’s highly disingenuous not to allow women the same moment. There is no love interest in this movie. As Superhero movies go that’s close to being a first, and I’m pretty sure it is in the MCU. At no point is Carol linked romantically to anyone. Tony Stark didn’t even get that. Women are enjoying that and fair fucks to them. I couldn’t care less about the marketing, that’s the business end and it’s the unfortunate devil that comes with all of us (not just us old men) getting what they want out of Superheroes on screen.

I’ve dreamed of all this stuff taken seriously on screen for nearly my whole life, if cynical marketing is the price I have to pay, I simply do not care.


That’s a great point.

The males in Carol’s life are teammates or allies. Maria is her best friend and when they talked, it was about work or their friendship. There were no jokes about Carol and Fury being a “thing” or hints that Jude Law’s character and her were romantically involved.

Carol had no romantic kisses with anybody.