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Netflix must have been prepared for this. On my version they have never had any Disney films, well not major ones at least. Marvel films are on the regional rival iFlix. Neither of them have ever had the Pixar or Disney animations.


Frankly (which one of you is Frank Lee?), with all the resources at their disposal, the only surprise is that it took Disney this long to launch their own streaming platform. I wonder if they were planning to acquire Netflix only for the massive rise in Netflix’s share price this year to make it cheaper to do the hard work themselves. I still wouldn’t be at all surprised to see these services merge five years down the line.


It would represent a further fracturing which is annoying - someone will have to come up with an easy way to interface with all the services at once.

Unlike Gar’s experience, we do have the Marvel films on Netflix here.


Maybe in the longer term there will be greater unity between the various streaming services. In the near future, however, further decentralisation seems inevitable. Instead of subscribing to some sort of cable package with umpteen different channels included, people will wind up subscribing to multiple streaming services with various brands on them.

What would be really useful is a website that can let you search for a show/movie in your country and see what streaming services currently have it. Anybody know of such a thing?

Also, what would be the odds of Disney using a streaming platform to eventually just bypass the theatres and release something major, like a brand new Star Wars movie, direct to people’s homes for an additional fee?


That’s what I mean - we already need that; if you have Netflix, and Amazon, and Hulu, and local providers, you can’t easily flick between what they all offer - you have to navigate to different apps or different tabs in your browser.


My prediction is we’ll see a further fracturing, everyone will try and get onto the bandwagon but most will fail and it’ll consolidate again. We’ve seen here that very few people seem willing to sign up for CBS All Access just to watch Star Trek. Disney have a wide enough platform especially for the kids stuff (which at the moment seems to be all they are including) but I don’t know who else has a strong enough package to really tempt large numbers.


I’m no coder - but there has to be a way to set up an all-in-one interface that can be logged in to all your accounts and search across them. Whether it’s an app with a one-time purchase fee or a small monthly fee (more likely since it would need regular updates to stay current), there’s serious money to be made there.


I think the app would be easy enough to make, the problem would be getting access to the subscriber data to know what the user could watch. They have consolidators like that for social media but the access there is free.

This is a good channel finder I use for sports (I have a sneaky box that shows UK TV) as otherwise it’s really hard to find who is showing what with so many channels, no reason the same idea couldn’t be used for streaming detail.


Too ambiguous. I would assume it meant “So bad that the producer deserves to have his throat cut”.


You’re no help, David!


The ratings thing I think can be a little counter-productive for a site selling stuff. I was always surprised how negative the Netflix ones were, a lot of stuff was in 2 or 3 stars that I thought were pretty great and I’m quite choosy.

I think it works for sites like TripAdvisor that act as a third party to sell hotels, if one is badly reviewed people will just book another one that isn’t.


The American one gets the latest Disney films (not Pixar). They currently have Rogue One, Dr. Strange, Moana, and I believe Jungle Book, but they get them on a shorter window than other films. It will be a big loss for me but I get why Disney and Marvel are parting ways too.

The bigger news to me from that article is the ESPN streaming service, which could be a major blow to the cable companies.


There’s a lot of change in the works. In the UK the sports channels used to be sold as a complete package until about 3 weeks ago. Now they have split them off into specific sports you can buy separately. Buy football or golf or whatever. A streaming service has sold a daily pass for a year or so.

People will react to these things differently based on interest. I watch pretty much every Marvel or Pixar/Disney film in the cinema, I don’t really care if they are on demand because of that, I wouldn’t go to all the animated things though if I didn’t have two kids under 10.

The days of ‘packages’ where you pay for many channels you don’t watch are pretty much doomed I think. It may not be a bad thing, a lot of them are full of crap. I’ve funded many a channel I have never ever watched.


Sky use Rotten Tomatoes for their ratings, so a lot of stuff has 1-2 stars.


I pay Rupert Murdoch (sorry) more than a hundred dollars a month for a platinum package that includes several Fox Sports channels - I’ve literally never watched any of them in the decade-plus I’ve had the service. Yet I know many people who have Foxtel purely for the sports channels.


The splintering is slowly happening in the US too, and emigrating from cable to streaming, although the labyrinthine local rights issues remains a barrier. I got the NBA streaming package about 5 years ago but they weren’t yet committed to the tech and customer service, and local blackouts took away many games I wanted to see. It’s getting there.

One of my favorite bands lets you livestream every concert they play for $15 a pop. I just watched two of them in the last week. It was awesome and the beer prices and bathroom lines were very agreeable. The future is getting closer all the time.


Cable is eventually doomed. Luckily in most cases the same people are providing the internet access so they can still survive but need to evolve.


That caught my eye more than anything else. Instead of a half dozen or so channels on cable, everything becomes available at once, games and shows. It would be a great way for them to cut a lot of costs as they would not have to fill air time over several channels 24 hours a day.


It’s a pity you can’t partner up with them and split a single feed between you. Like car pooling.

There should be an app for it.


I’m contemplating getting cable again this fall but it will be 100% for sports. There is nothing else on it that I like. It would basically be a basketball tax.