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I think that was Stan’s first draft for Captain America.


They could do a genderswap on Sunfire, and make her gay, when the MCU X-Men films roll around.

Weird… but that just made me think that she could be the daughter of the original Sunfire, and they could jump into X with an “All New, All Different” team, and have the Storm/Wolverine/Colossus/Nightcrawler team be the second generation of X-Men with the older Cyclops/Marvel Girl/Angel/Beast/Iceman characters still around and retired or semi-retired.

That’s how most of us discovered them in the first place, and it might translate into film, too. Considering that Fox had an extensive run on the property, everyone is already familiar with the characters and stories, so dropping the origin story and jumping right into legacy characters (even though they’re different versions from the Fox takes) would be easier for the audience.


Heh, that version of Sunfire already exists in the old Exiles comic.


This is an interesting take on the advent of Netflix and Amazon Prime as movie producers.


Don’t be silly Hank.
Exiles isn’t ol…


Oh my god


“It is just not on,” said Leigh, 75. “The next lot of young directors face such a long wait to get any project off the ground. That’s my biggest worry. I’ve talked to two of them in the last few weeks and one said she expected it to take six years to get her first feature together. That’s terrible, and it is because you have got this whole new breed or culture of executives and producers who will not simply press the button, and say ‘go for it and see what happens’.”

I don’t know, I would guess that Leigh’s own experiences with the BBC and the British film industry in the seventies may not have been applicable to how it works for young filmmakers these days for a long time, not just since the arrival of the streaming services.

His statements are also given a lot more weight by how the Guardian chose to spin this. They might also have chosen “Amazon behaved impeccably in backing Peterloo, says Mike Leigh” as a headline.


We got Yukio in Deadpool 2 – she’s Asian and lesbian, and I thought she was pretty great! :slight_smile:


The headline should be “Grumpy Old Man is Grumpy”. :wink:

He makes some perfectly good points, but he’s been working in a very small area; British films, and doing it from a position of a leading light for decades. It may come as news to him, but years of development and trying to get the money is pretty normal. The streaming services are no worse (and sometimes better) and getting things moving.

The people I know who make movies all found a way to navigate that, generally through short films and then TV. One of them did it the “do it for nothing on weekends” way, bypassing the system altogether.

But he didn’t then walk into the BFI, BBC, or the Lottery Fund and immediately start making his next movie. He had to keep hustling, making more shorts etc., until he had a body of work and the establishment doors began to open a bit wider.

It’s taken him 8 years to get to the point where he earns a living as a director and it’ll probably be another two before he’s properly “established”.

The idea that anyone with an idea and a passion for cinema can just make films is lovely, but even in the 1970’s it was harder than that.

Leigh himself had years of theatre directing and improv work under his belt before he moved into TV and film, and he’d had to work his way up in theatre to do that, figuring out what his kind of films would be? That took him a decade.

When the BBC “…simply press(ed) the button” they were doing it someone who had a track record in a related field.


Weekend estimates have Captain Marvel at $153 million domestic and $455 worldwide. Pretty impressive haul.


Plus, wall-to-wall MCU coverage everywhere will continue for the next six weeks at least.



An actual 1930s advert…





Aaw man. I never realised that was supposed to be Yukio. She was pretty good in The Wolverine. That version should have showed up in Logan.


No different character deadpool Yukio is Surge


No, the writers have said it’s Yukio:

Wanted to clear up some confusion about the character played by Shioli Kutsuna – given her powers, a lot of fans have connected her to the Surge character in X-Men comics, and presumed that to be her identity.

Reese: That’s not right. She’s a super-minor character. The character’s name is actually Yukio, an assassin – but who’s an adult assassin, so we just aged her down. She’s such a minor character, we thought we could pretty much get away with anything.


Jeeze. That’s weird as hell. I’m happy to be proved wrong but?? For a movie that was super loyal (as far as fox movies go) to cannon that is an odd choice.


Eh, they completely changed Negasonic Teenage Warhead for the movies.


Still more loyal than the other x-movies :wink: