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I think it’s easy to judge a company that’s going bankrupt, to have them fall on the sword and give up all hope rather than stiff a vendor, but it’s human to try and survive as long as you can. if you’re going to judge humanity in total very few actually meet the bar or flawless behavior. The line of wrongness really depends on how much of a longshot it was and how long they stretched it out. It could be they almost had everything righted. Part of the life of a vendor is hoping to be paid, if you don’t want that you demand payment up front or have some kind of escrow fund. Vendors are adults too, and should know the risks they’re accepting. Their terms are part of that risk absorption. So while not paying your people is wrong, everyone is losing in that situation.

One of my vendors back a long time ago had an owner clean out the bank account one night. They arrived at work the next day to find the office locked. 40 people not knowing what was going on. Eventually they found out that the bank had been cleaned out, ripping off cash from all their customers (they were a company that processed rebate checks). My company had been ripped off $250k. But all those workers called the customers, explained what happened and asked if they could continue the service unpaid until they found someone who’d buy the contracts. And most of the customers stayed. Within a month they had new ownership and they continued to be a vendor of mine for many more years. (We used a new process for handling the money though).

We could equally have found a replacement company and put them out of a job. We didn’t. So in a bankruptcy situation you don’t always get everyone working towards a solution that works for everyone. Sometimes folks accelerate the downfall. Yes they should be able to make that choice, I’d just not judge these people too harshly.


I don’t think they were evil, but they were dishonest.

According to the article, the firm owes about £990,000 to various companies and individuals.

That’s a lot of people who were, unknowingly, underwriting a business that was in serious trouble.

They owners were also doing that, but they knew what was really going on. They made an informed choice to risk their money.

Not so everyone else.


Responses from people who’ve seen the movie seem more positive than the reviews it received. I wonder how its performance compares to a movie like Pacific Rim.


I’m pretty sure James Cameron’s involvement in a sequel, as he’s already said he wants to happen, would make up the shortfall for $150 million. I think the really wants a couple of sequels to this to push the sfx technology even further before the Avatar sequels. The best thing they could do right now is announce a sequel in order to get a final box office boost.


With Captain Marvel opening today I’d expect Alita’s BO to crater even if they did announce a sequel.


Maybe, but we’ve already had one Millarworder do a double and see one after the other, and Millarworlders are a small pool to draw from.


I think Pacific Rim barely passed the threshold by the studio’s accounting to warrant a sequel. (Granted, the sequel tanked.) Alita could be a be a similar case.


Millarworlders also aren’t indicative of the wider movie going public, which has already made clear they’re not very interested in Alita.


In the US. And yes, I get all that, however I am merely suggesting that, as Alita has did better than projected in subsequent weeks after release, it has good word of mouth, which may help it keep some dollars rolling in, Captain Marvel or not. Whilst Millarworld isn’t indicative of the general public, Alita has gained fans and even people who disliked it thought is was ‘enjoyably shit,’ so it still has time to make some money in the international market.


Unless they have a clever financing deal that will revolutionise the business, they’re going to lose money on ‘Alitta’.

Some ideas just require those kind of resources.


I think I’ve said here before that even if they get close to breaking even it’s a win for Cameron as it seems he’s used Alita to push forward effects processes he wants to use in the Avatar sequels, so he’s knocking a ton of money off the cost of doing that. I think he’d like to do it some more. He has the clout, the Avatar sequels will earn them billions.


When I was at the theater yesterday, I overhead some of the staff talking after I left Alita and was walking to the one of the theaters where Captain Marvel was showing.

He said that the space had been originally slotted for an evening showing of Alita, but the management said their reservation data (all seats at the Alamo Drafthouse are reserved so most people pre-buy at the beginning of a movie’s run) indicated that it would be better to use the space for another showing of Captain Marvel, which they did.

My showing of Alita had less than ten people in it, but Captain Marvel was full. However, Alamo has not shoved Alita out of their theaters as some venues in Austin have, so they are committed to the film despite what will definitely be some opening weekend calculus.


It’s a pity it’s getting pushed out, there. I think that internationally it might have more legs though. I’m not massively worried either way, but I would like it to gain a decent fanbase and a sequel, I think it deserves it.


He can always self fund or privately fund. And the reported cost of these movies is never really accurate. Plus I think he can cut some costs in sequels. $400 WW for an original idea is a pretty great result - and I think the result is good enough that he could make another if he wants to (and not lose a ton of money in the process).


According to Box Office Mojo, Captain Marvel took in $20.7 million yesterday. Based on the performance of past Marvel movies, they say that should land the opening weekend somewhere between $135-175 million. If it lands anywhere in that range, it’ll be a very good (if not great) opening weekend.


So the predictions now are that Captain Marvel will make $160m this weekend, the highest for a Marvel movie that doesn’t feature Iron Man or Black Panther. Not too shabby.


Captain Marvel is currently on pace to hit close to half a billion in its opening weekend, so yeah I don’t think Disney has anything to worry about with this one.


I really want to see it again. I have social stuff for today, but tomorrow… if I play hooky from writing… I can probably squeeze in somewhere.


Imagine how much it would be making if James Woods didn’t boycott it? :wink:


Disney must be so angry that Stan didn’t come up with a great Asian lesbian superhero. A billion dollars lost!