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I’m interested because I love Attack the Block, but it got pre-empted, for me, by Glass and my desire too catch up on some 2018 films I missed.


Most of my UV movies are linked to iTunes and Google Play, but that involved setting up a MoviesAnywhere account, which you aren’t supposed to be able to do outside the US.

It’ll be interesting to see if all the studios that offer digital codes with DVD/Blu-rays switch to some other system, or just drop them entirely.


We’re a small beans market, but this is surprising.


Warner exec: “Dammit, pal, make sure this next Batman movie ends with him doing a gig at Wembley Stadium!”


Looking to open at less than half of what the first movie did domestically.


Mind, it’s 95 degrees below zero most places, even Seattle!

Crestline, CA:

Whitby Island, WA:

Are you going out to the movies in this?


I do wonder whether the Lego Batman and Ninjago movies have diluted things a bit.

I’ll probably still take the kids to see it, but having seen a few of them now it feels like their enthusiasm isn’t the same for this one.


It’s a shame, because Lego Ninjago was great too.


Plus the several dozen Lego cartoons on Netflix and various other platforms. I just typed ‘Lego’ under my daughter’s Netflix ID and there’s half a dozen series and movies. Jurassic World, Nexo Knights, Ninjago, Friends, Avengers, City.

Does that remove the idea of a new Lego movie being an event?


Ya. I think the bigger dilution is all the direct-to-video stuff. I’m not sure how they really differentiate themselves from that material despite the theatrical releases costing tons more and showing it.


That’s a terrible drop. Sad to see it to be honest. It’s a franchise that deserves a dependable audience.


The thing is, a lot of that stuff was already out there around the time of the first Lego Movie - but that movie still felt like an ‘event’, like something special, and did well.

I wonder whether having had two relatively lacklustre full theatrical releases has poisoned the well more than all the direct-to-video stuff.

(And I say that as someone who really liked Lego Batman.)


It’s less than half as good as the first movie.


Probably correct, though. For what it’s worth, I enjoyed it but it’s just not the same as the first one was.


Lego movie 2? WTF?

Wasn’t there already a second Lego movie that kind of flopped? =/


It isn’t actually that bad, was just saying it for effect, but it is definitely not as good. Even my kid said the same thing.


That’s disappointing to hear but given LEGO Batman, Ninjago and the trailers for LEFO 2 I’m not entirely surprised.


It’s just one of those films series where the first one catches you by surprise and that’s exhilarating in its own way, and with the second one, the element of surprise is gone, the bar is higher, and the quality is down. In recent years, Guardians of the Galaxy and Secret Service might be other examples.

LEGO 2 doesn’t suck by any means and I would recommend it, particularly to those with kids, but compared to the first one…eh.


But both of the sequels to those were vast improvements?


I’ll agree with you on that, but I also agree with Robert, haha.
The surprise is gone, so you have to craft a better story and at least maintain the execution. Guardians 2 did that for me. Lego Movie 2, not quite.