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This is pretty much my thinking, while not wanting to completely disregard older films (I see part of the purpose of the class as to expose students to films they might not otherwise encounter). And as someone mentioned, certain things are more visible in older films.


At almost 2 hours and 40 minutes that’s a film that I would probably avoid. I teach once a week for 3 hours and 20 minutes, but I need to have time for lecture and discussion. In a twice a week class I’d probably have to assign the films for outside of class, and I’d lose the immediacy of watching the film right after the lecture and discussing both while they’re still fresh.


Anyway, how does everyone think Glass will do in its second weekend?


Half empty?


…you just won the thread.


If not the entire internet.


Oh, I wasn’t suggesting it for your use - just as a potential addition to the canon.


My friend tried this, maybe worth it for UK MW folks.

  1. Go to
  2. Buy the cheapest 1 day travel insurance you can find
    (Single trip, One Person, Destination UK)
  3. Download the Meerkat Movies app and log on
    Bingo! - 12 months 2 for 1 at cinemas and restaurants!

She paid £1.09 for the travel insurance, I don’t know the destination, maybe it was the bus ride to the shops. :smile:


Thanks for the tip. I managed to nab mine for £1.01!


Well done, 8p cheaper! What was your luxury holiday destination? (or is it just a generic ‘UK destination’)?


As fate would have it I am doing a one-night Edinburgh-Exeter trip this weekend, so good to know I am actually insured for it!


Not bad for a quid since that is one of the longest journeys in the UK.


We’ve joked about doing that but felt sure that there must be a get-out clause for them as it seemed to obvious for them to allow.

It still seems to good to be true. Has she actually tried redeeming any tickets yet?


Like Saga she only signed up today.


I’ve heard its good, but people just aren’t interested.


It looks fun enough, but not something I’d rush out to see. Throw it on Netflix of Disney+ and it would probably get a lot of viewers.


I enjoyed it, but I only went because my housemate and I saw the trailer and liked it and he kept track of it.

I would probably have missed it. I haven’t seen any marketing besides the trailer in front of a movie I saw a while ago.


Is it out in the UK yet?


15th February.


Ah, ok. I’ll have to try and see it as the trailers looked promising. It’ll be a shame if it’s a good movie that gets overlooked.