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Yes, Alien and Aliens are fine examples of good movie-making.


What the hell are you teaching? Bad Film 101? Intro To Shit Nobody Pays To See? What?


Most intro classes have had their times cut, which makes it difficult to show a lot of “classic” films.


What is the purpose behind those particular films?

Are you really going to subject your poor students to Upstream Color???


If you mean poor you mean “blessed”, then I hope he does.
Upstream Color is pretty good.


I rest my case.

Edit: I should add that I think Primer is one of the most brilliant, low budget sci-fi films ever made.


Bringing Up Baby, Casablanca, and The Maltese Falcon are each 1:42 minutes or less.


The Maltese Falcon is on my list. Part of my consideration is including a diverse range of films and filmmakers that also cover the material I’m teaching - mise-en-scene, cinematography, editing, sound, genre, deconstruction, narrative, non-narrative, formalist, realist, and some transitional moments.


I prefer ‘The Big Sleep’ to ‘Maltese Falcon’ because I prefer Marlow to Spade, but they’re both significant films.

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Raises an interesting question though, have there been no amazing films since those classic ones that you’d still need to show 30+ year old movies?

I reckon film classes should probably move on with the times, but I’m sure some teachers still use Casa Blanca :smile:


It’s to teach certain parts of film language and film theory. They tend to be more obvious in older films that were the first to do them. You can kind of step through history and see how things were changed as time went on. Think Rashomon and telling the same event from multiple perspectives.


Haven’t seen that one, but surely there are newer movies that do something like that and that could be used instead of… I mean, you can always say Roshomon was the first.

I dunno… I mean I guess it’s okay to watch them in a historical context, but ugh I just can’t watch old movies. They hurt my eyes :smile:


This post hurts my eyes. :wink:

The problem with more modern films is you have a lot of other film language layered in as well. Older films tend to have the one thing. It’s like learning words from a new language slowly and adding to your vocabulary building more and more complex sentences. Sure you can just go immersion but then you lose the significance of each new word/development.


Ok fair point. I can see the usefulness in that case. Also, in thinking about this, I just realised the Matrix is probably now considered an “old movie”… sucks getting old =(


Almost 20 years ago. So kids today would probably view it in the same light that we would view films from the 60’s when we were growing up in the 80’s. :wink:


yeah… that’s very depressing… u_u


Remarkably, no :wink:


I’ve only seen it once but There will be blood strikes me as something that should be included in the canon.


Oh there’s plenty of recent-ish movies that should be included. Memento seems like an absolute must, for exemple. The Matrix too, or if you’re a snob: Dark City =P