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Is this where we come clean? I haven’t seen any Creed movies. Although I also haven’t seen Rocky V, so maybe that balances things out.


That’s more forgivable. A misdemeanor, not a egregious felony like never watching Rocky.


I’ve only seen whichever Rocky has the Russian guy in it. It was ok in an 80’s kind of way.


This will be hard to top. I’m teaching Intro to Film and I’ve never seen The Godfather, The Godfather II, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, any Kurosawa, Fellini, or Truffaut, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Goodfellas…and the only Rocky-related film I’ve seen is Creed.


I have also never seen The Godfather but I have seen Dude, Where’s My Car. Life well lived.


Thankfully, I got into Hitchcock pretty young or I’d have no film cred.



I’ve seen the first one, once, in the last 10 years I think.

Never seen any Indiana Jones film in full. Never seen The Shining, or any Kubrick bar Eyes Wide Shut. Never seen The Goonies. Titanic. Avatar.


We need to raise the bar on membership in MillarWorld. Obviously we’ve allowed the riff-raff to sign up without the proper film-viewing credentials. :unamused:


We are going to have to set up a classic rewatch film thread.

Rocky is a fantastic film. It spawned so many sequels for a reason.


That seems like a cool idea. I’d be up for that.

This might be the wrong place to ask, but which films do you cover in a module like that?

I intended to watch every Rocky film in the run-up to Creed 2, but never got there (obviously). How well did it do at the box office?


Rocky was a massive runaway box office smash at the time. Creed 2 not so much, it did around the same as Creed 1 but slightly better.


It’s pretty amazing that all the Rocky films combined including the two Creed movies made less than Infinity War.


The numbers there are domestic though. So like for like Infinity War would be $679m.

It is true though you can see in that comparison (with the adjusted numbers) that it’s only really the first four that were big hits in the modern context. The plus side is boxing films are pretty cheap to make.


Good catch, I didn’t notice that. Crazy numbers for the first four Rockys in that case.


Maybe you’re in the wrong profession. :wink:

I never saw Die Hard until I saw it in a Film Theory class.


I knew because BOM don’t have reliable international numbers before the 1990s. It’s selective and I think a bit incomplete on those that do (they have nothing for Rocky III and they made at least a few quid as I saw it twice in the cinema in Wales).

So when they do comparison charts they only use domestic amounts.


That’s ok. As long as you’ve seen Alien, Aliens, and Man of Steel you’ll be fine.


I didn’t realize MoS was the sequel to Aliens.


This is my first semester but I’m showing Sunrise (1927), Shadow of a Doubt, 2 Mr. Robot episodes, Halloween, The Spook Who Sat By the Door, Tower (animated documentary), Rogue One, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, Upstream Color, Scott Pilgrim, the Maltese Falcon, Moonlight, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

The room I’m teaching in is set up terribly for subtitled films, unfortunately.


No, just an example of damn good movie-making.