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I’m non the wiser with either reading :confused:


A brony is a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that is outside the target demographic of little girls. Most bronies are friendly teenagers and young adults who simply aren’t afraid to admit they enjoy a show which is innocent, colorful, and funny.



Only a matter of time til him and Goku be best mates fighting on the same side. It’s like Game Of Thrones up in there.


So it Broly a Brony?


So I’m guessing their mothers both have the same name? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Enh, Goku has been making enemies into friends long before BvS. Hell, after Naruto, it’s almost a trope of the genre.


That’s his real ability and that’s why Goku always wins.

But in the case of Brocoli, he should stay a villain. Or I guess it’ll depend on how much they change his story in this movie… I actually look forward to it, the animation looks pretty good.


I intend to watch Broly when it’s in the cinema on Thursday, mostly to support anime theatrical releases near me.
The thing is, my knowledge of Dragon Ball is very slight. How confused do you think I’ll be? Even if the mythology is complex, the characters are simple, right? Clear-cut, I mean.
Goku is Superman and all of his enemies become his friends and the story has a ton of padding and super-moves can take days to execute. Is that all right?


Yeah you pretty much nailed it. It’s ever increasing power moves versus ever increasingly powerful villains.

It’s awesome.


It’s basically Rocky.


Movies tend to be different, better pacing for one.

Only thing you need to know is that Goku and Vegeta are from an alien race (the Sayans) and they can power up in different stages, you see it in their har… normal is black, then there’s yellow hair, then there’s longer spikier yello hair, then there’s red/pink hair, then there’s blue hair which is the most powerful as of now. =P

Oh also, Sayans used to be pretty evil but Goku grew up on earth, so he’s always been good. Vegeta was the prince of the Sayans and a villain, so he’s a bit of a douche, but he’s been a good guy for a long while.

Also, Sayans have vegetable names :smile:


Thanks, guys. I’m actually quite looking forward to it now.

How many people will flag this post to the Jim and the mods when I say that I haven’t seen a single Rocky movie? :sweat_smile:

Woah, so it’s basically the Viltrumites in Kirkman’s Invincible?


What the fuck is wrong with you?


Well the Viltrumites are an obvious copy of the Sayans, yeah… Invincible is basically discount DBZ, not news really.


It is if you’ve never seen DBZ.



If you wanna get into DBZ I highly recommend the Dragon Ball Z Abridged youtube series… it’s a great homage/parody plus it plows through the boring parts.


I’ve not seen that but Dragonball Z Kai is also an option if youve never watched Dragonball before. However, if you have watched Dragonball Z it sucks.


Kai is an official thing, still quite long. Abridged is a fan-made project, but VERY good. It starts a bit bad because of the shitty audio they had in the begining, but around halfway the audio is great and it’s really funny and faithful in their own way.


I might watch it if I get the chance. I mainlined DB and DBZ in their entirety a few years ago though so I might wait a while.