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Bite me.



Well I’m sure a lot fo CB fans are interested in him, but I don’t see the general population being all that excited about a reboot of a recent-ish franchise that didn’t do all that well in the BO, despite having some big names and talent.


But what about CBD fans?


Glass opened to $40M, almost exactly what Split did two years ago:

Probably would have been higher if the reviews were better (and/or the film was better), but it only cost $20M.


Impossible outside of one plot beat.
But it’s nice it’s made back a bulk of full undisclosed costs at this point.

I feel like it’ll make a killing with regards to full trilogy box sets.


That cost is ridiculous. I wonder what they spent on marketing. That’s an incredibly cheap budget - good on him for making a killing on this.


I know others disagree, but to me it really looked like a movie that was made on an incredibly cheap budget.

The three leads must have taken their whole pay on the back end to get it down to $20 million though.


I felt it was more pragmatic than cheap.


I’d say SLJ and Willis’s pay took up a lot of the budget.


Bruce Willis has been asleep for a decade so it would have been easy enough to get him to agree.


Willis has done 2-3 movies a year, for years, but most of them don’t get a big release anymore.

He’s entered the cashing-in phase of his career.

He’s a global name with smaller but still loyal fanbase and worth a few million dollars for an otherwise average production, or one that’s likely to slip past the notice of the general public.

A sequel to ‘Unbreakable’ would be different, they can’t really recast his role, any more than they can recast for a ‘Die Hard’ sequel.

I’m sure his agent got him a good deal.


That’s possible, but he and Jackson have spoken pretty highly in the past of Shayamalan and Unbreakable, so they both might have done it for a reduced rate.


Do you think Shayamalan is making less money after ‘Split’ did so well? :wink:

Maybe they all took less up front, that’s entirely possible, but if they did then they’re taking the lion’s share of any profits.

Studio filmmaking isn’t a charity, and doesn’t need to be.


Shyamalan and Willis and McAvoy and Sam probably all took their money on the back end for that low a production cost. They all know how to think long-term!


Apparently Shyamalan financed Glass with is own money.


I guess that Blumhouse had less to do with these movies than I figured. Huh.


I think they took cuts of the home video release.
I’m telling you - the box sets from this are gonna be huge.


How many are you intending to buy?



I keep reading that as “Dragon Ball Super: BRONY”.