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Well said. :joy:


That should be highlighted in the trailer, don’t you think?


Development hell is real, and professional filmmakers spend a lot of time in it.


Well he should maybe dump them at Netflix’s door… I hear they’ll produce just about anything… :smile:

Also, I initially liked the concept of a moving city, probably cause it reminded me of Howl’s moving castle (and I like steampunk stuff)… but after a good night’s sleep I’m like… “ehh”. So yeah, flop…


I was pulling for Justice League Dark, I really was.


I forgot all about the Hulk tv show that he was supposed to be developing. Wow. We were robbed.
How could they possibly turn down his script for Pacific Rim 2???


Maybe it didn’t work?

I’ve said before, a draft of his ‘At The Mountains of Madness’ script is out there online, I’ve read it, and I think it’s a missfire.

And while I like ‘The Shape of Water’ a lot of other people don’t.

There are a lot of reasons why a project languishes in development hell, but they all come down to someone with the authority to say yes, saying no instead.


Beautifully directed, terribly written, yes.


I guess that he never actually wrote Hellboy 3 then.


Hmm, I wonder if The Coffin is based on the comic mini-series by Hester and Huddleston. It’s one of my favorites from back in early 2000s.

But it is kind of surprising Netflix isn’t all over that stuff. They have tons of garbage they just randomly release with zero fanfare, so a partnership with del Toro would seem like a step up in a lot of regards. I’d rather watch a not so great del Toro movie than a lot of the original stuff they’re producing right now. And they don’t need the movies to be box office successes.


He is making his next movie with them, isn’t he?


Probably not. Development costs money, someone has to pay for it and it was pretty clear that a GDT scale of ‘Hellboy 3’ was unlikely to be a good investment. That means no-one would pay for a script he was writing/co-writing/supervising.

As someone who loved the first one and was pretty meh about the second I’m ok with that.

I’ll miss Ron but Harbour was a strong choice to reboot the role. I’m hopeful.

And I still have the comics, which are best of all.


I thought I saw something to the effect that while GDT would write it, he would not direct. Maybe that was a factor.


Steampunk is one of those things that I think I like until I’m reading it or seeing it and then I remember that I actually hate it. (With like 3-5 exceptions)


Steampunk was meant to be a one-off novel that became an entire genre (with a few retroactive examples). I’d be curious how Gibson and Sterling feel about the genre now.



It’s pretty amazing how the last two (arguably three) big Robin Hood movies decided to bypass being heartily adventurous.


Steampunk is a great measure of someone’s taste level.


The first official “steampunk” novels pre-dated The Difference Engine by a few years. I believe it was K. W. Jeter who coined the term to describe novels by Tim Powers and himself.

Though Gibson and Sterling’s novel was probably the most well-known work in the genre at the time it was published they didn’t invent the genre or coin the term.


I just saw a commercial for Mortal Engines and I finally figured out what was bugging me about the movie:

It should have been anime.

The concept looks silly in live action but would work as an anime movie.