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I don’t know anyone talking about ‘Mortal Engines’, not socially or at work.

‘Alitta’ got a brief discussion over the eyes, twice.

Neither one has that extra spark that attracts attention. There’s no new technology that stands out for the tech geeks, no politics to be controversial, no star who has a rising social media profile, no story point that taps into the zeitgeist. They both have scale and spectacle, but what big movie doesn’t these days?

I think they look like perfectly decent movies, but I don’t feel compelled to see either of them any time soon. I’d go if someone suggested it, combined with the rest of a night out or a lazy weekend afternoon.

Otherwise, it’s 50/50 whether I’ll see either in a cinema.


Also, how is Bumblebee going to do? Will it succeed or has the franchise been too Bayed out at this point? I suspect, much like that second Turtles movie nobody saw, it will be better than people realise and yet not gain much traction at the box office.


The second Bayturtles was way worse than the first though. By a large margin.
Bumblebee looks pretty okay.


Initially it looked like a kids movie. Maybe good, maybe not, but a kinder, friendlier and smaller version of what Bay had done. All of which is good, but maybe doesn’t sell tickets to anyone who isn’t a parent or over 9 years old?

Then we found out that there’s more going on and more robots! That’s a good thing.

So I think the trailers need to sell the action more, but don’t lose the fact that this is a film that’s trying to have more heart as well.


Honestly between now and Christmas there’s way to many movies and not enough time
Mortal engines
Fantastic Beasts
Creed 2
Robin Hood
Bohemian rhapsody
Mary Poppins

It’s bonkers

Honestly the only one I will probably see are Aquaman In a 4dx cinema , as I fancy like paying for an immersive waterboarding, and Mortal engines to see some beautiful Weta cgi detail.

Will wait on Spider-Man reviews from you lot to see if it’s worth going to the cinema.

Otherwise looks like the rest can wait for Netflix or whenever Disney plus rolls around into the U.K.


Didn’t even know that was a thing… and then I watched the trailer… it looks like shit. I kinda like the concept, but it looks bland as hell. It’ll probably flop.

Edit: Oh shit, no forget about it, if it’s coming in december it’s gonna get murdered by all that competition.

Oh and I don’t think BA Alita will fare much better, tbh. It’s not ver well known as a manga, so I don’t think it’ll do much better than GitS.


Look, putting the tech department in charge of anything is bound to cause trouble. Netflix’s equivalent of Lorcan has already hacked the algorithm to recommend back-to-back Babylon 5 (not necessarily a bad thing).


In another 10(ish) years the actors will all be old enough that you can do a new series with the originals as teachers.


All the three leads in Potter were paid good money by the time they finished the series, they all work, but none of them have to work again if they don’t want to.

The fact that last movie finished with middle-aged versions sending their own kids off to school was nice, but doesn’t cover what else may have happened in the years from graduation to that point. They can make those films if they ever decide they want to.

Rowling clearly isn’t interested in that right now.


I’d be stunned if Mortal Engines even broke $100 million domestic. It looks awful starting with the concept.


Given that it’s coming out in December, they haven’t advertised Mortal Engines much, have they?

I hope the budget wasn’t too big… I’d like to see this kind of movie do well, but I agree that it probably won’t bring in a lot of money. Best hope is that the budget isn’t much beyond 100 mil and that it does well enough for that.


Yeah, I can’t imagine Mortal Engines making much of a splash at all. I’ve seen the trailer maybe 3 times over the last 6 months and always forget about it. And with the animated Spider-Man movie, Bumblebee, Mary Poppins, and Aquaman all coming out basically at the same time, Mortal Engines is likely to get ignored. Because, quality aside, who even knows it’s coming out at this point?


I honestly heard the words “Mortal Engines” for the first time two days ago when my friend asked me if I was going to see it.


The more I think about it, the more I think it should be a Mortal Kombat/Mario Kart hybrid.


That’s weird, the first thing I said when I head the title was, “Is it based on a videogame?”


Nope. It’s a book series. :wink:


Sounds cool.


Sounds dumb.


Gosh, David. Don’t you read books? That are written for children?


From 2002 ??? :confused: :laughing: :rofl: