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I assumed at 42 I was at roughly the median age on the board.


No I think you are a tad younger. It’s all in the mind.


Thank goodness for Miqque.


…anchoring the far end of the ol’ Bell Curve for over 500 years …


Better than the far curve of the bell end.


Yep. I don’t think it necessarily is an internet thing though - I doubt the success of this could’ve been predicted by, you know, magatzines and newspapers and whatnot, if there was no internet. This is not about geeks talking in circles, it’s more about the fact that sometimes a movie beats the odds and nobody can explain why.

Sometimes, a movie comes along and catches everybody’s attention. Even if it’s not particuarly good, or original, or topical. It just happens. It’s the Jurassic World effect.


Yeah. Like I completely get why Suicide Squad did great business despite not being a very good movie. It had a great marketing campaign and Will Smith, plus Robbie’s Harley Quinn really hit with people. I also get why Jurassic World was such a success. Mostly a nostalgia thing, really, plus just being that right movie at the right time.

Venom still surprises me. Nothing about it looked all that interesting. And I say that as someone who pretty much always enjoys Tom Hardy in anything and is, obviously, a big comic nerd. So yep, just one of those movies that grabbed people for whatever reason out of the gates. Good for Sony and Hardy and everyone.


Honestly, I think at least part of it was just blowback against professional and armchair critics.
If you’re part of these circles it wasn’t hard to feel inundated and drowning against all of the, kinda snobby, takes on how Venom’s quality was going to turn out.

And then you had the general fanboy “no Spidey = instant trash” level discourse.

It just made it seem like something to kinda wish showed them wrong. And that it turned out to be…okayish rather than the dumpster fire people were borderline hoping for…was kind of invigorating.


I think there’s a market for superhero type movies that are more edgy in nature. The main Marvel and DC characters still feel like kids characters in many ways, so you might get a certain group of viewers who aren’t interested. Or a group that simply don’t like Marvel or DC. So when alternative movies come along like Venom, Deadpool, Kingsman and Suicide Squad, ones that appear to be free of Marvel and DC and a kiddie nature, then it’s essentially like a typical big action movie.

So if you take those that go to pretty much every Superhero movie (say about $400 million) then the other part of the success is guys that are looking for this alternative kind of movie.

I think we’ll see an ongoing emergence of anti-Disney movie success over the next few years. Some people just don’t want to eat McDonalds.


Exactly. It’s like the difference between Rio Bravo and The Wild Bunch or Fort Apache vs McCabe and Mrs Miller. In the early 70’s there were a couple of popular movies starring James Garner (of Maverick fame) that spoofed the Westerns of the time and Westerns in general. Support Your Local Sheriff and Support Your Local Gunfighter did to the Spaghetti Westerns and Westerns in general what Deadpool does to superhero movies today.

I believe that tastes will circle back to the 90’s and we’ll see Tarantino or Coen Brothers style movies using superheroes as a vehicle for that.


I’m all for a L.E.G.I.O.N. movie that serves that exact purpose.


You could argue that this has been happening for a while already, with movies like Super and Defendor (and Kick-Ass, to a lesser extent).

I think The Boys will take this up a notch.


Jupiter’s Legacy. In the same way Watchmen essentially neutered superheroes and made them look cartoonist (leading to the Image wave and the collapse and rebuild of Marvel) shows like JL will deconstruct superheroes so well that they’ll collapse and have to be rebuilt.

It’s be kinda funny if Fantastic Four under Disney was a huge flop and the beginning of their downfall. That franchise essentially crashing studios three times. It’d be cursed.


Damn, dude. Did Disney beat you up as a kid?


He merely has a realistic view of the House of the Mouse. Everybody seems to like the entertainment Disney churns out, but nobody really wants to work for them.


I think everyone should be against monopolies.






Ralph Breaks the Internet and Creed 2 look to have huge opening weekends:

I don’t know if it’ll keep the pace, but Creed 2’s opening day was almost double the last movie’s. Michael B. Jordan’s a star.


It’s cool to see Jordan breaking out. He’s been great for years now.